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How the original lighting brand value is better

by:Longjian     2020-09-10
Original landscape lighting brand market is also growing, start from a county cover where the brown gradually to the provincial cities. Now in addition to the provincial cities, l7 cities has become an important sales positions of modern lighting. Jing ying also covers basic provincial city, outstanding l7 cities and part of the city at the county level in jiangsu and zhejiang area. Preziosi Witt, McGonagall blue, mas will sell quite well in the provincial market, often in a state of out of stock. Macro crown, eight meters concept has entered into a part of the regional market. Summer au, marsden represents a designer channel, for many years in the field of export ranks forefront micah. Decorate a style of natural building materials to build a simple feeling with log, the restaurant's booth design is very beautiful and practical, through the simple line with texture clear wooden furniture and contemporary and contracted lamp act the role ofing, bring a lot of human natural and pure and fresh feeling. Contracted space gives priority to color with the original wood color, add color, such as decoration, table cloth, such as the rich expression of space. You also want to learn to use when decorate adornment to adorn a space tonal, the feeling of take out what you want to actually very simple. These art and illustration can be in the gallery and find some small street art store, see you not keen on cough up. Wall all the way to the restaurant, let a space have integral feeling is very strong, the pattern of the open is particularly spacious fully. Space lighting design is worthy of reference, contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers, the combination of the main light source and auxiliary light source can be fully illuminated every corner of the space. Tailor-made both receive show effect of lattice cup ark, can meet the tying to collect the be fond of of all kinds of glass, it has also become the home inside people eyeball absorption unique characteristics of the individual. These different style of the glass can be in the corner shop and the net up tao to oh. In the sitting room of contemporary and contracted lighting is also a bright spot, distinctive modelling, let a person cannot help but want to see a few eye ~ TV setting wall covered with board, also a lot of soft on the vision. The design of the kitchen is quiet and pure and fresh, shades of grey and blue collocation are together, gentle nature.
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