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How small don't tell you, 5 minutes to his fireplace decorated international fan!

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
1. Holiday decorations. For those who do not have enough space in the home, this is a good choice. Seasonal decoration will take up a lot of space. However, you can limit decoration site to save space in front of the fireplace. In order to make your house looks very festive atmosphere, and not very crowded tacky, this section will provide some ideas for you. 2. The winter holiday use pine and other evergreen as accessories. Whether celebrating Christmas day, the winter solstice, or New Year's day, these accessories are good options. Here are some introduction plan: · using hook hang Christmas stockings ( If hang hooks - are used in the above Hook can bear the weight of the empty socks, but cannot fill) 。 Use the tape on the Christmas tree decorations, on top of the mantel. Using large and small adornment to balance. , if you don't celebrate any religious holiday, cut some evergreen boughs, and put them on top of the fireplace. You can also to pine wreaths on the top of the fireplace or some light string. 3. Use a large pumpkin in Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can also use some other materials, such as: on the top of the mantel, placed a cornucopia full of dried corn and small pumpkin. Through a place on our mantel candlestick, skull, old candles and medicine bottles, build atmosphere for Halloween. Placing a statue of a cat or a lantern in the furnace. Or, use the ribbon will be false skeleton and spiders hanging on our mantel. , make false autumn leaves as garlands hanging on the top of the mantel. In order to make it more suitable for Halloween, add some fake spider webs and plastics. 4. Spring use downy light bulbs and flowers, but must pay attention to the season. The soft color and the bulbs ( Such as narcissus, lily and tulip) Suitable for spring. However, some may need to change a little bit about the holiday. For example: when, Easter, put some eggs in the basket, and then put the basket on our mantel. You can also use the chicken, rabbit and lamb figurines decorative mantel. If the basket is large enough, you can also put it into the hearth. On st. Patrick's day, you can place a u-shaped horseshoe magnet ( Bending side down, like a 'U', in order to obtain good luck) , some gold COINS or place on our mantel. On valentine's day, you can replace the adornment of some spring, and add some red, pink, white or ivory elements. You can also add lace tablecloth under the candlestick, to make a romantic atmosphere. Most of the spring flowers, like tulips and hyacinth, is harmful to dogs and cats. You can consider artificial flowers. 5. In the summer to use more bright colors. You can also use the tropical plants, such as orchids and hibiscus. If you like a candle, you can try the candle with the fragrance of fruit, such as passion fruit, orange or coconut flavor. If you don't like the light, fruity and tropical elements, please consider using the theme, for example: the nautical theme, buy a with a model ship out of the bottle. You can also in the mantel top cover some nets. Subject to the seaside, can show you pick up some shells on the beach. Try, if you like a candle, light blue, it will lead to the smell of the sea.
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