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How much power electric fireplace, inefficient?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Electric fireplace can be divided into imitation flame electric fireplace and 3 d atomized electric fireplace, and described in this article is imitation flame fireplace. Relative to the fireplace, electric fireplaces will not produce by the installation of the non-professional DaoYan, don't often go to clean up the ashes of the furnace, can not only save the cost, also can bring the approximate fireplace ornamental effect, safe and convenient to enjoy the electric fireplace brings warmth and comfort. Electric fireplace and installation is very easy to use and no multifarious preparatory work, as long as according to the requirements of the fireplace installed size control good reserved, fireplace in the family power. No high temperature electric fireplace surface, for children and the elderly are very safe, so more and more get of consumer love! As electric equipment, electric fireplace power has how old, inefficient? To understand this problem, first to get to know the structure of electric fireplace. Concept of electric fireplace is usually made by shell, wood, fire, simulation control circuit board, lamp, motor, reflector, etc. If it is with the function of heating electric fireplace, also equipped with a heating element and fan and other parts! So whether the electric power of the size of the fireplace, inefficient, mainly the above several parts to power consumption decision together! In a conventional one. 5 meters of electric fireplace size, for example, if you are not equipped with heating function, its power is about 45 w, 24 hours of continuous use, consume about 1 degree electricity! If your fireplace with heating function, the conventional electric fireplace is about two heating components, each one is 750 w. Fireplace heating has two adjustable, a open a fever parts, two at the same time open two heating components. Or in the 1. 5 meters length electric fireplace, for example, when the electric fireplace function all open, it will take 1 per hour. 5 KWH, costs less than a dollar! So electric fireplace is a relatively small energy consumption equipment, do not need to consider the cost! Electric fireplace basic don't need maintenance, the maintenance of electric fireplace daily daily clean, can use soft duster, do not use detergent! Glass cleaning carefully can use soft cloth to wipe, do not need to use the cleaner! Clean out FengKouChu deposition of dirt, can use a soft brush cleaning equipment! Note: when you do any cleaning, ensure that electric fireplace in the disconnected state!
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