Over 10 years professional experience on electric fireplaces & home lighting products

How many years of experience does Longjian Electric Fireplace have in producing fireplace manufacturers ?
Zhongshan Longjian Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focused on fireplace manufacturers business for many years. The employees are all well experienced and skillful. They are always ready to offer support. Thanks to the reliable partners and the loyal employees, we have developed a business marketable in the world.

Zhongshan Longjian Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of the first class suppliers of home lighting manufacturer, has an extra-strong design and manufacturing capability. According to the material, Longjian Electric Fireplace's products are divided into several categories, and home fireplace is one of them. Continuous and systematic quality management processes are carried out for providing quality guarantee. The product allows a quick and simple installation. This product presents huge development potential and broad market prospect. The product is not susceptible to moisture.

We work hard on aligning production more closely to the principles of sustainability. From environmentally-friendly materials sourcing to efficient logistics, we ensure optimum use of every resource.
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