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How many ways are there to the bedroom lamps and lanterns of choose and buy? Lamp act the role ofing to teach you some moves

by:Longjian     2020-09-25
How many ways are there to the bedroom lamps and lanterns of choose and buy? Lamp act the role ofing to teach you a few action said in decorating indispensable furniture, lamps and lanterns is one of them. Different rooms with different functions, so the choice of lamps and lanterns is also consistent with our room, at the same time also to meet our overall room decorate a style, here is what the bedroom lamps and lanterns of choose and buy method 1, bedroom main function is to let people to rest, so lighting lamps and lanterns of the bedroom should be given priority to with indirect lighting or diffuse. 2, on the choice of the modelling of lamps and lanterns and color should be light color, light light is given priority to, the bedroom to create a quiet and warm atmosphere. 3, lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when, the light of lamps and lanterns can't too bright, the light should be gentle a bit, especially the head of a bed lamp, can only can satisfy the lighting function. 4, bedside lamp on the choice of but also choose the lamps and lanterns of regulating function, so that when reading can put the lights down to a little higher, dim the lights a bit when he goes to bed at night, if there is no adjustment function, reading a book, just up and go to the toilet at night light is too strong, can let a person feel very dazzling. 5, when the choice of lamps and lanterns should choose materials pepper ground glass, or cloth, this material can make the light becomes downy, should the position of the lamp holder is a little taller than a pillow at the same time, the light can shine on down from 45 degrees of inclined, so more suitable for reading in bed, also have protection for your eyes. 6 skills, in addition to the above introduction, lamps and lanterns select the bedroom also should pay attention to choose according to the bedroom decorates a style to lamps and lanterns of style, if it is a modern style that choose ordinary crystal lamp is ok, if the bedroom decorate a style to be classical style, european-style crystalline light on collocation. 7, lamps and lanterns of the size of the choice and decision for the bedroom area size and height, if the bedroom is high enough to install crystal lamp, if the bedroom floor low or choose to absorb dome light is better, otherwise, can let a room appear more depressed. Seriously affected the quality of rest. 8, the choice of lamps and lanterns and according to the age of the master bedroom to decide, such as the elderly prefer simple and easy, and also to the requirement of light intensity, and middle-aged people like according to your own taste to buy lamps and lanterns, the characteristics of young people to pursue personality is requirement, the scope of the choice is more, but it must be in the style is unified, the basis of function realized on the basis of to choose now. 9, bedroom lighting, mainly considering the reading of the head of a bed, toilet, such as local lighting requirements, so the requirement to set on the general lighting and local lighting, decorative lighting three effects at a suit. For the bedside lamp, lights must be soft, this light will help sleep. Too bright light can damage eyes. Optional colors: yellow, cream, etc. 10, the choice of the bedside lamp and put the position according to room size, furniture, decorate a style and personal needs. Desk lamp and wall lamp is used as a bedroom, bedside lamp to use. The size of the lamp, can consideration, according to the size of the bed and bedside table can be a lamp that can also double lamp. Wall lamp, can use more suitable for bedtime reading, in order to have a better reading experience, you can choose to scale and controlled the intensity of light source products.
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