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housewares: floor lamps

by:Longjian     2020-03-12
Synchronized with the growth trend of power intelligent lighting (
Such as LED lighting, saving both energy and money)
, The floor lamp provides an alternative to the main ceiling fixture, and if the positioning suits your needs, it can give the room a softer, warmer feeling and be able to move them around the house flexibly.
If you choose the right one, they also have their own position.
Individually designed pieces.
Friendly future Naoto Fukasawa the technical complexity behind the Demetra lamp designed for Artemide and Zen philosophy produce a floor lamp that is very intuitive to your needs (
It can be tilted, rotated and darkened by a switch or motion sensor)
Interestingly, it seems to have come from other places.
Tell interior design that from the $930 bronze-like beauty of the Prince of Troy, Ikea\'s flattar floor lamp will illuminate a good and suitable room.
Built on a large bronze and sturdy base, it has an adjustable head for positioning, and its simple design makes it a simple lighting base. Ikea, $89.
99 straight complete this industry with antique nickel-
Stylish Longjian floor lamp from Montrealbased Gen-Lite —
Lighting has been designed and manufactured for 75 years
Built for a long time.
Contrary to the delicacy, this lamp is perfect for high
Need some warm traffic room.
Only online athomedepot.
Ca, the $199 balancingactlights IC light series designed for FLOS, inspired by the perfect spinning sphere of a juggling actor, although the movement looks \"very balanced, very quiet \".
Like an allusion or a trick. of-the-
This floor lamp is a purposeful display.
Atflosusa online.
Com, pottery Barn Windsor mission floor lamp with black and brass finish for $1,100, low key elegance, good fusion in classic and modern environment, its swivel head makes it versatile and where to put it;
Reading or general room lighting can be easily adjusted.
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