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Household lamps and lanterns of choose and buy | restaurant in absorb dome light or droplight ___ zhongshan lighting

by:Longjian     2020-09-30
Use a dome light or droplight household lamps and lanterns of choose and buy | restaurant? Absorb dome light and droplight is home restaurant often use the lamps and lanterns of varieties. The restaurant's lighting effects of dining-room atmosphere build. Dining room to absorb dome light or droplight? The characteristics of the dome light, droplight again? What are those? Which model is more suitable for the dining room decorate a style? Guangzhou lighting for everybody to introduce below, restaurant is used to absorb dome light or droplight, believe that will help to the choose and buy from you! It is very important to the choice of lamps and lanterns to decorate a house. Dining-room space need lighting to the decoration. Below is the dome light and the characteristics of droplight is introduced. Restaurant with absorb dome light or droplight: the characteristics of the dome light absorb dome light commonly used well cover to absorb dome light, ball absorb dome light, pointed oval absorb dome light, half sphere absorb dome light, half shallow spherical dome light, small oblong shield absorb dome light, etc. Absorb dome light is suitable for the place such as sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom lighting. Absorb dome light can be directly mounted on the ceiling, easy to install, design is simple and easy, give the space clear and lively feeling. Absorb dome light in general have a ballast and circular tubes, ballasts have inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts, compared with the inductance ballast, electronic ballast can improve the luminous efficiency of the lamp and system, can the instantaneous start, prolong lamp life. At the same time, the temperature rise is small, no noise, small volume, light weight, power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the inductance ballast, so consumers should choose to absorb dome light electronic ballasts. Absorb dome light with remote control and remote control two, with remote dome light switch, convenient and suitable for the bedroom. Absorb dome light of lamp shade material is plastic, organic glass, glass lampshade rarely now. Second, the dining room to absorb dome light or droplight: the characteristics of the chandelier pendent lamp is suitable for the sitting room. The pattern of droplight, most commonly used with continental candlestick droplight, Chinese style droplight, crystal droplight, parchment lamp, droplight, conical cover lanterns, fashion pointed flat hood lanterns, lanterns, waist cover five fork ball droplight, yulan cover lanterns, olives, chandeliers, etc. Used in the bedroom is divided into single head droplight and bull droplight, the former is much used in bedroom, dining room; The latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of droplight, its most low from the ground shall be not less than 2. 2 meters. Continental candlestick droplight: European classical style droplight, inspired by the ancient people's candle lighting style, when people are in the suspension of placing a number of candles, wrought iron. Now a lot of droplight is designed in this style, just change the candle to the light bulb, but the light bulb and lamp holder or the appearance of the candles and candlesticks. Crystalline light there are several types: natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead crystal droplight of blow molding, low lead crystal droplight of blow molding; Crystal glass intermediate shape chandelier, crystal pendant, crystal droplight die casting strip cutting modelling droplight, crystal glass droplight, etc. Above is the guangzhou lighting summary for everybody, about the characteristics of droplight and absorb dome light, which good restaurant and household use droplight and absorb dome light, give you some reference, hope in the future can play a help of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy!
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