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Household gas in cb, this can have

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
1. Sanitary hot water temperature limit protection: qualified sanitary hot water temperature less than 60 ℃, in order to avoid water system fouling and high temperature hot water scald of personnel. 2. Heating water temperature limit protection: when heating temperature reached 80 ℃, the limit temperature protection, machine put out the fire, below this temperature, the machine automatically start. 3. Cb limit temperature protection: to prevent overheating, ensure safety, and light alarm. 4. Low water pressure protection: low water pressure machine won't start, only when the pressure is greater than zero. 3 bar when can start the heating system. 5. Prevent dry heating protection: when the system is water not free, automatic by-pass pipe work, keep the water to meet the 800 l/min through the main heat exchanger, prevent dry burn. 6. Water system over voltage protection: when the heating system pressure is too high, more than 3 bar, water from the relief valve automatically radiation, to protect the heating system. 7. Air pressure protection: when the flue blockage or have a downdraft occurs, automatic fire extinguishing, after plugging the exclusion or wind direction, wind change, machine start automatically. 8. Recovery manually stop gas protection: for some reason gave up the ghost, the machine will automatically stop working, and in the stop state, cannot be automatically restored after to air, must be manually can return to normal working state; Recovery must be manually stop gas is mainly for security reasons, let users a sense of security, at the same time let the user self-check, found the problem and contact property, gas company. 9. Flame-out protection function: ionization flame control device, when the flame is extinguished, cut off the gas supply and lighting instructions, to prevent the fire and incomplete combustion. 10. Three minutes of time delay: after hanging furnace shut down, to prevent frequent start, guarantee the safe operation, unless the manual reset, cb or takes three minutes to start again. 11. Heating system voltage protection: due to heat expansion tank can be fully relieve heating water volume expansion and pressure, have the effect of constant pressure system. 12. Anti oxygen corrosion protection: efficient automatic exhaust valve to ensure the air heating water discharge, make the water system of oxygen content to * *, improve system oxygen corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the product.
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