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Household act the role ofing to notice when the choose and buy it ___ zhongshan lighting at six

by:Longjian     2020-09-29
Household act the role ofing to notice when the choose and buy the lamp act the role ofing, as a major key to foil atmosphere to illuminate home at six o 'clock, it's good or bad or not directly affects the building style in the home atmosphere. Guangzhou lighting recommend when buying lighting lamps and lanterns, you can refer to the following six o 'clock in the choose and buy. A pursuit for now, energy saving low carbon environmental protection for the owner of the life, the environmental protection and energy saving sex of lamps and lanterns has also been included in the reference factors, energy-saving light bulbs as their first choice. But here it is important to note that the energy-saving bulb is standard screw, since most are not fully adapted to the droplight, so need to pay special attention to when the choose and buy. Second, contracted a good lighting can have the effect that make the finishing point in the room. And with too complex and multifarious design and color is acted the role of modelling, is not applicable to most of the room. So, when choosing lighting should be given priority to with simple elegance, not blindly pursue surface shiny, practical coordination to be able to bear or endure look and surroundings is the most important. Three, around the home security as lamp, lamp act the role ofing security is particularly important. When the choose and buy, be sure to choose the lamps and lanterns of normal manufacturer production, in order to avoid surprises because of the inconsistent lamp is acted the role of the various parameters. In addition, for the toilet of big humidity, kitchen, etc. , choose lighting is given priority to with the lamps and lanterns of good waterproof function. Four, convenient believes that many owners have experienced replacement bulbs on the table step up lift arm chair. So when choosing the lamp, lamp act the role ofing remove the ease of replacement is also need to consider. 5, coordinate when the choose and buy is to consider whether the style of lamp act the role ofing and room. For a lamp, to coordinate or design is harmonious with whole room style is particularly important, only the harmony between the two, to better show room style. For example, ark of wood and wood on the top of the rectangular balcony, etc. , suit to install a rectangle ligneous lamp; Decorative glass of iron art watch, iron pipe eat desk and chair of the rectangular hallway, is suitable for decorative material of rectangular iron pipe chandeliers; Ann has a golden door handle, the bedroom that shoots the light, is suitable for decoration contain aureate illuminative the lamp. Six, function to remove factors, such as energy security lighting when the choose and buy according to different use function room corresponding to different pattern, illuminance is acted the role of the choose and buy is also very necessary. Such as sitting room lighting should give priority to with bright, richly lamps and lanterns; The bedroom is choose the lamps and lanterns of the light is downy not dazzling; Lamps and lanterns of children room is given priority to with colorful, diverse styles of lamps and lanterns; Toilet is given priority to with style concise, waterproof lamps and lanterns; As for the kitchen chose easy to wipe clean lamps and lanterns. The other need special place in the home can through to shoot the light in the form of performance. Above is the guangzhou lighting give you some Suggestions, about six o 'clock in the purchase lighting when matters needing attention, the hope can help to you!
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