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Hotel with lamps and lanterns is modern art lamp

by:Longjian     2020-08-31
Lamp of modern art exhibition hall in the future, you can see has a unique artistic modelling absorb dome light, torch, can see extremely personality can see was wonderfully post-modern art lamp, you can see the modern and the northern wind ingenious union artistic lamps. All sorts of clever new style of modern art lamp, can completely overturn your imagination, let you understand, the original really unique personality can be independent, can such clever become modern art lamp right now. Young, represents a unique individual character, standing at the crossroads of flow, should clearly recognize their own position, they want to reach, choose their own direction. On the basis of the inheritance of the traditional advantages, also may be a different approach. In simple terms, like the atmosphere of a hotel, the customer first to see in addition to the decoration to the hotel of the floor outside, the second is the hotel lighting used in the light of modern art, especially in the hotel lobby atrium lamp is especially important in modern art, modern art hotel lobby lamp customization options directly affect the impression of the hotel's ratings, next time will continue to affect the residents move into the hotel, so hotel is necessary to modern art lamp customization options are you seriously by the head of the hotel, the hotel in general in the light of modern art market of lamps and lanterns is very difficult to find his/her style of joint, and many hotels are popular custom hotel lamps and lanterns, can only be achieved hotel demand custom effects. Customization of lamps and lanterns can fit the hotel style and can better show the charm of hotel. In order to keep the lamps and lanterns of perfect bloom, all aspects to consider, in particular the following aspects should not be neglect. Hotel lamp quality assurance from modern art modern art lamp material choice, such as the popular used lamps and lanterns of LED chips, more than any other material under normal use for longer service life of lamps and lanterns, but at room temperature is 45 degrees, the chip temperature over 65 degrees, the service life will be greatly reduced. Custom when lamps and lanterns must on the material request. Disadvantages if using inferior material, in a short period of time may be not so obvious, use for a long time will produce the phenomenon such as fading, polarization, directly affects the service life of lamps and lanterns, shortens the cycle of replacement lamps. Li man's modern art lamp at the hotel of choice is a technology, but also an art, choice of hotel lamps and lanterns is good, to bring warmth comfortable sense, be impressed deeply in his mind, and become loyal customers of the hotel, so hotel lamp selection of modern art is a very important link in hotel operations, who use well who will be in operation.
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