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Hotel lighting lamps and lanterns of custom design needs to consider what factors?

by:Longjian     2020-09-19
Hotel lighting lamps and lanterns of custom design needs to consider what factors? Today, the hotel design change with the change of the market. In the face of design change, hotel lighting design the comprehensive discipline will change too. Not like a few decades ago, a light bulb can solve the problem of all lights. Now lighting, after is the decorative and functional lighting lamps and lanterns, especially among the hotel lighting design. While others put forward the idea of didn't see the lights for the light, but the adornment action of lamps and lanterns is not allow to ignore. For the lighting design, especially in a hotel environment, lighting and the environment of the application of color will have great impact on people's mood. In the pursuit of building lighting and light effects to achieve consistently, in order to strengthen the communication of lighting designers and interior designers. At the same time in the hotel when the custom design of lamps and lanterns should consider these six factors: 1, the coordination. Lighting designers to strengthen the communication with interior designers, coordinated the design effect. Reflected harmonization and unification of the hotel needs. Lighting, decoration style and ambience and coordinated hotel space requirements. 2, energy saving. Use flexibility of the lighting system and control mode to achieve energy saving effect. At the same time make full use of natural light and reduce the use of artificial light. According to the importance of different areas and different scene, set up different situation pattern, to establish different standard of lighting, lamps and lanterns is good electricity cost. With the least amount of, the most appropriate lamps achieve the best effect. 3, technical. In hotel lighting design, can use new lighting products and lighting technology and innovative design concept. Reflect era characteristics and forward-looking. To realize flexible control. 4, and security. Security is an essential factor for any space that nots allow to ignore. A, ensure the safety of the personnel in the space, to ensure adequate visibility; Second, to ensure that the lighting equipment itself to the environment safety requirements. 5, green environmental protection. In hotel lighting design, the use of lamps and lanterns is a lot of, want special attention to the environmental protection of the lamps and lanterns and light source. To save energy at the same time, to prevent glare and light pollution. 6, purpose. Hotel lighting design to highlight key lighting. According to the decoration design for indoor decoration such as paintings, works of art, green plants and water features for accent lighting. Rich humanities connotation of design elements, the use of light small object shape scene, illuminate the idea and theme of the design.
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