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High quality light source is the foundation of green lighting. High quality light source should be has the characteristics of the following three aspects.

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
First, spectral components should be no ultraviolet and infrared light. Accept too much ultraviolet light for a long time, not only easy to cause keratitis, will harm the lens, retina, choroid, etc. Infrared easily absorbed by water, excessive infrared light through the human eye lens gathered by a host of absorption, will happen over time the lens degeneration, cataract. Second, light color temperature should be close to natural light. People living in the natural light for a long time, the human eye to light adaptability is strong, good visual effect. Third, lights flash for no frequency. Common fluorescent lamp power supply frequency 50 hz, the light at the brightness 100 times per second, belongs to the low frequency and frequency flash, can make the regulation of human organs in the regulation of tension state, result in visual fatigue. If the frequency of the light at the increase to more than hundreds and tens of thousands of hz - — As a high frequency, the human eye - there will be no stroboscopic feelings; But the real is no stroboscopic dc power supply or solid light-emitting semiconductor devices, Such as the led light emitting diode) The light is called frequency flash. U called no stroboscopic the desk lamp that shield an eye on the market a lot. Most of the desk lamp with the method of electronic ballast to improve frequency work, can only be called high frequency flash rather than a true no stroboscopic lamp. Taken the dc the lamp that shield an eye, a new milestone in the history table lamp, through the alternating current into direct current (dc) first, with direct current (dc) lighting, dc power supply, no flash, when using the light close to natural light, very bright, but not dazzling. To achieve real no stroboscopic, no radiation.
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