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high ceiling light fixtures - like hanging functional art pieces - make a statement in your space

by:Longjian     2020-03-27
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With so high ceilings in the House and apartments, lighting has never been more important than that.
My sister was an electrician and he was surprised at how many people simply put the basic flat light in the room as if it were a normal height room.
They end up needing a wide variety of floor lights because the lighting is not good enough at all, although the floor lights are great in your decor, with high ceiling lighting as part of the decor, will really make space popular.
Imagine it as a functional art of hanging.
Pot lights have become very popular and are another great option, but it\'s still a bit boring, personally, especially at the high ceiling entrance.
Many of today\'s entrances are two stories high, and those pot lights are modern and glow, but why not make a statement chandelier?
They are more energy efficient, and if the chandeliers can remind you of your grandparents house, look at it again.
When we looked at the industrial spaces and apartments with high ceilings, we realized that those small room lights of yesterday or pot lights flush with the ceiling didn\'t help much with the decoration.
Recently, my sister has been busy with the installation of chandeliers and modern lighting, especially in the entrance and kitchen, and she has seen some really cool options.
Since many of these twin High rooms include kitchens, it is very important to have good and tasteful lighting. Credit: amazon.
Modern chandelier water drop lighting crystal ball fixtures chandelier H29 X w15.
5, 5 lights, free shipping Amazon price: $249. 00 $119. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
Crystal Chandelier
Perfect for the entrance or stairs, you will think of the heavy crystal pendant on the grandmother chandelier and then look at the modern version.
I really think it\'s a very special but delicate looking fixture.
It also reflects the light, and even during the day, when it\'s not on it, it still looks pretty, almost like the art of hanging.
Perfect, as I think. Credit: amazon.
Good idea for ComChandelier spiral faux crystal beads hanging lights wedding chandelier center decoration and any event party decoration (Clear)
Amazon price: $44. 50 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
These waterfall-style pieces are definitely works of art and look great in the entrance or in the large living area, especially in the stairwell.
Whether it\'s on or off, they look great and enjoy it like a piece of art on the wall. Credit: amazon.
ComLightInTheBox®Modern LED chandelier Longjian ceiling lightfor living room/bedroom/dining room price: $129. 80 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
I always thought a simple hanging pendant light would be enough, but I was surprised when I saw these options online.
This will really give your table an awesome look and light it up without shadows.
This can also be used on the working Island of the kitchen.
If you\'re decorating an industrial apartment space, something like this is definitely an asset.
So before you consider filling in 50 pot lights, consider it as an option to really make space popular. Credit: amazon.
Fashion Talent®Modern rain point rectangular clear K9 crystal chandelier lighting Flushmount Fixture light 5 lights for bedroom foyer l31 for girls in living room dining room. 5 x W10 x H8.
8 inchAmazon Price: $1,099. 00 $279. 50 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
Retro crystal pendant on modern furniture if you like the idea of crystal and the ancient retro styling, you can check it at the counter or on the table.
Even if it is not opened, it is still a fragment of the conversation.
It\'s definitely a hanging piece of art.
The only thing you need to remember about these hanging lighting art is that they are of high quality and heavy weight.
It is best to install them professionally.
My sister has been doing this all the time and a lot of times you need to reinforce on the ceiling.
This can still be done after renovation, but if you are really investing in your space, please find a professional to install this type of high ceiling lighting.
It will be worth it because you don\'t want your artwork to crash at the next dinner!
Just like you will use safety measures when hanging very expensive heavy-duty artwork or installing large cabinets, you need to make sure the lighting is safe. Credit: amazon.
The ComUnitary brand country barn metal chandelier is 200 w max with 5 lights for $288. 99 $149. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
So maybe you really don\'t like the idea of a lot of sparkling crystals, and there are other options on the market like the industrial look (which I love! ).
You can buy this steel ceiling fixture, which is perfect for those refurbished old industrial spaces that are popular in the city.
Many people have exposed brick walls since a century ago, and sometimes adding crystals to this space doesn\'t work.
If you want vintage but safe decor and the ceiling is high, look at these shapes.
You can buy them at the entrance, in the kitchen, on the island or on the table and so on.
They are built in the old style, but use modern materials that are safe.
No longer looking for vintage lighting for old lines that are not safe in old garage sales.
If you prefer to buy fixtures from old vintage or antique shops, take them to the electrician and re-wire them.
It will cost you, but if you only spend a few dollars, then it is still an investment worth investing in and it is professionally installed. Credit: amazon.
ComWAGIC 21316 giraffe sure grip bulb change system Amazon price: $29. 99 $18. 21 Buy Now(
Prices as of April 20, 2016)
If you have pot lights or high lighting in any other style, it can be painful to replace the bulb.
There is a bulb changer on the market that can extend and is safer than you can climb the ladder.
If you have some internal or external fixtures that are hard to reach, then a replacement like this will help you a lot.
The high ceiling lights make an amazing difference to a room.
If you have a height, why not use it for your advantage?
They won\'t take that space.
And don\'t forget to look online. There are so many choices.
Take the time to choose as you choose furniture and your space will feel like your own and it will pop up.
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