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'hidden' in the library literature and art fit [of barber shops Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-11
Hidden in the library literature and art fit [of barber shops Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] In Osaka, Japan, design studio Sides Core has just completed the design of a barber shop. After the communication with the owner, they designed a rugged industrial wind combined with modern art aron space, for the desire of the owner is this is a collection of fashion, art, shaping skills in a barbershop. The wind is not difficult to realize industry. Designers use the cement ground, first has made the partition and the pillar, and the whole space is painted white, set the tone for the space. Later, in the choice of furniture, they insist on the principle of common and simple. When the day-to-day work of the furniture decoration is placed in every corner of the gray space and loose, factory feel naturally formed. And the rocks and the design feeling building need to spend some of idea. On functional partition, the barber shop in addition to cut area is specially added for art exhibition area and the library. These blocks can let customers waiting for something to do when a haircut. For the big style matching and the space industry, art and decorating also is very simple - of library block - The most bright eye color comes from the art collection and selection of books for the library staff. Casual and simple LED modern chandelier don't worry about the space will be too bleak. Exhibition in the block design feels dye-in-the-wood droplight and even the seat for the 'poor' atmosphere adds some vitality. In addition, the appearance is the continuation of the whole space of the minimalist wind and design feeling. Passers-by walked past should never miss this mix build a barber shop. Source: the network interface
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