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Have if I cannot get both, TV cannot be packed in wood fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
May you hit south wall will turn right, you may see the Huang Hecai will be dead, can you turn the TV directly on wood fireplace, just know regret it, that's right, this kind of design and structure looks very cool, very strong, very unusual, very unusual feeling. But, there are serious security problems. If you only occasionally look at the TV, or simply don't have to, is as a decoration, that when I never said; But if on the other hand, this is your living room, you have a crush on two hours every day in the news broadcast, please take note. If you are considering to install the wood fireplace, the first thing I assume that you have considered how the power and signal ( HDMI or wireless) Sound transmission to the TV. This is a problem, but it's easy to solve. But there is more trouble, for example. 。 。 。 。 。 Perspective ( Also known as the cervical vertebra good Friday)' The cinema seats are you most dislike? In the first row or the front of the seat? Some people like it, actually most people hate it. If you looked up and stared at the screen with a terrible pain in my neck? Imagine, every time looked up for a long time after watching TV, always not so comfortable. So most of us will not place the television is too high, and now if you are under the arrangement on a wood fireplace, the system has direct compression dropped the original space, in fact, your cervical spondylosis culprit or myself. Imaging problem because most people buy LCD, led to a problem: a couple of degrees below the centerline, you sit on the couch and looked up the television, may be related to it in another point of view of coaxial looks completely different. If you install the LCD TV in wood fireplace, you can to ensure the quality of the LCD image by using the method of hanging. And as for the plasma TV, they don't like LCD TV easily affected by imaging the drop, but some of the filter screen has a filter screen, such as panasonic 'blinds' design, when viewed from the vertical Angle extreme, it will also make the image darker. Heat and soot electronics nothing worse than a direct inhaled a lot of calories, Well, maybe sprinkler or physical damage could be worse, but you should understand my point of view) 。 Through external means to raise the temperature of the TV, will shorten its service life. Worse, with tiny soot particles can directly into the TV inside, this sentence doesn't sound so comfortable, but in fact does not have any benefits. After reading this article, I think you should understand the placed directly on the TV to the dangers of firewood above the fireplace, actually put on interior design elements have a lot of knowledge, little MOE didn will answer one by one to you later in the article.
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