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Have a sense of design is acted the role of can let a person pleasantly surprised

by:Longjian     2020-09-07
The modern lamp design is no longer just a simple beautification lighting and products. Through the reasonable design the structure and function of lamps and lanterns, the use of technology to meet the practical needs and to improve the performance of the light source is more important. Nordic modern lamp design usually begin from lighting effects, the use of computer aided design, before the design calculation of the intensity of illumination and light distribution curve for the lighting position, and then by graphic designer products in the product design, so that the lamps and lanterns can satisfy the functional requirement of the product. The appearance as much as possible, beautiful, comfortable, durable. Choose the light step 1 is to look at the shape. Are his eyes. Contemporary and contracted style is also equipped with high quality dome light and the chandeliers. However, absorb dome light often utters 'no design'. The design feeling of droplight and changes will be even more powerful. Many of the leading designer brands are a faithful follower of contemporary and contracted style. When they get to the store, circular, triangular and rectangular geometry elements will be piling up, and then use thin line hanging. Or is a nested design, or is a big circle, or is a small circle, but this kind of design will be more expensive. Second, the ordinary commercial residential buildings may not be high enough. If the sitting room and dining-room use this droplight, there will be a sense of design. Have certain requirements. After all, each project is good, is not necessarily beautiful. Because with the development of science and technology, people to be resided to the home lighting system continuously put forward new requirements, in meet the demand of basic lighting, also requires intelligent control, simple operation, energy saving efficiency. So clever exquisite craftsmanship, set the smart home system, a key control whole house Scandinavian minimalist lighting. Owners need only through the intelligent terminal equipment such as mobile phones or tablet can control all the lights in the home, implementation and control. No person automatically adjust into dim, intelligent lighting when someone; Also, the light changes in temperature can be adjusted according to the environmental temperature, automatically adjust the indoor light environment, to achieve 'on-demand lighting' waste reduce light, create a good and comfortable indoor environment. Summer light source automatic adjustment for cool color to move, make the person feels cool. Winter light source automatic adjustment for warm color, make the person feels warm.
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