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Has fascinated the Greek designer desperately appeal, in addition to old Shanghai elegant, and

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
The charm of old Shanghai, whether it is more than 100 years ago the first European settlement in the tall European construction residential building, rows of houses or xiangshan road ground floor, has a unique sense of s, across the alley is the regional characteristic, and listen to the two or three sentences wu nong nong I you, aunt chatting with Shanghai, all of these, can let you understand, read the history and charm of the city, and Shanghai with the fatal attraction, attracting countless people 'to the', the Greek architect Kostas Chatzigiannis is one of them, in his successful transformation of Shanghai old villa, a blend of Greece with Shanghai local humanities, history, art, eating habits, is a true cultural exchange center, in the hope of Kostas at China, you can see as a symbol of western culture and civilization of host - — Fireplace, you can also find belongs to the memory of old Shanghai neon lights with the phonograph. Kostas like Shanghai's old house, whether from a historical sense, or is the charm of this kind of have the years trace building is those who have a 'shallow' skyscrapers and incomparable new apartments, villas, walked in the way of xiangshan, you see is not left over from the twenties and the thirties of last century, but itself has to be in the midst of that age. Each building has its story behind, 100 years ago, europeans came to Shanghai will take about a month's time, horses and chariots very slowly, it is very fine, the next five to ten years, Shanghai is their home, at that time, they came here, is true for housing, in order to find a home, rather than a general concept on a perfunctory live, because of this, they used the exquisite materials made a batch of good construction, with a fireplace to become comfortable, the room picking the best wooden floor, to leave enough space height, these practices have brought vitality to the house, and the transformation of Kostas also very lively, he added on his own studio fireplace neon lights, and joined the sense of modern science and technology technology such as air conditioning, floor heating, freedom, unity and creativity to realize restoring ancient ways, and retain the respect for the old structure of the great degree. 'When I first got here, I see is a long time nobody care of the old house, someone did some bad renovation, the window is a simple window of aluminium alloy, the floor with the cheap material inside. Outdoor weeds in the garden, trees are growing. 'Kostas said,' when we put some of this is removed after, I saw the beauty of its potential. Is Jane Europe, pure European, American, the Portuguese, rural style, the Mediterranean style, the Spanish style household environment are incomparable, I said these are doped with human intervention factors, and the house, living organisms, is all I have to do is very simple, like the early call service in the hotel, call them up again. 'In the China pavilion, the fireplace is the important element of each floor. Kostas choose white marble from the distant Greece as a fireplace frame, retained the original fireplace location in the building at the same time, to a large extent also use tries beautification design gimmick, in western countries such as Europe, the fireplace is just need to exist, they are very important, is the cause of the people, the best solid material is a kind of cohesion. Greek mythology the fire goddess hestia, The English Hestia) Also become the patron saint of home. Fireplace can perfect the miles of space that intervene between a man and in the close space, make family harmonious well-being. When China pavilion of more than 80 years ago old fireplace after Kostas, may also be able to burn, in the twin towers, and even share a chimney with adjacent house, like the British Victorian architecture, of course, this design need special treatment, to ensure smooth smoke. Fireplace in the western romanticism extremely humanities color and witness the history of the world's 'living fossil' of cultural symbols, have become the world's classic interior decoration element and eye of the space, also is stylist and owner, nearly one thousand years, western nobility and Oriental 'open to see the world' romantic love for fireplace with persistent characters, which are promoted the fusion of east and west culture, lifestyle, in a sense, fireplace, like 'panda diplomacy', has irreplaceable position. Today, the market is the universal appeal in the household life colorful with warmth, classical romantic, humanities & amp; Modern combination, from another aspect make fireplace or the lowbrow or the best choice, the high experience in Europe and the western life is not the same as the newness of at the same time, also can enjoy the practicability of warmth that fireplace vital practical, is the joy of kill two birds with one stone.
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