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Guzhen lighting festival day settle! Beauty to the memories, about? 【 Ancient town in 2018 the autumn lamp expo 】

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Lighting cultural attractions: bright light + bright light of the internal space circular dome of the people's square attractions is high-tech 3 d projection technology, light carving technology, such as crystal element, dyeing, lasers, fog lights, stereo fusion and innovation to create 'bright light' and 'dream Roman column' grand light modelling, the audience can enter the scenic spots in feel lithe and graceful light atmosphere, and in the large space structure and light light interaction under the combination of science and technology. Lights are ecological wetland park 'forest fairy tales',' bayhood light ', 'light corridor' and 'tree scene lighting lighting attractions, such as the perfect combination of natural landscape and lighting art movement between MingHui show town charm and vitality. Center on the riverside park features interactive attractions' Su Bing add runway will cool appearance, the runway in guzhen air Su Bing Asian winner - addition - 9. 92 seconds for the light conversion speed, visitors will be under the changes of light and sound, running experience of Asian and running speed of the spirit. Built in 2017 a large fountain feature attractions 3 d screen, have 'science and technology in south China the most sense water light show'. The spots will be fountains, water curtain, laser, glasses-free 3 d animation, special effects and considerable national culture characteristic of the elements such as music, dance performances, the combination of light and water whole new life vitality, create a highly visual and auditory impact audio-visual feast. The light festival of the mix more sound, light, electric elements of 3 d screen to redo the fountain, to upgrade. Light festival this year is more focus on the integration of science and technology and culture, innovation will be the usual float parade, upgraded to barge tour. Town, village, enterprise jointly create six light barge of the light festival this year new appearance, riverside wetland park (arranged in the center Sand ancient road to north) To display. This is the state-level non-material cultural heritage 'six lanes and dragon dance and town features' lotus dragon dance and other folk culture in lighting technology after new clothes, and a new carrier, new form of display lights are innovation of cultural charm. Light sand culture festival will be past concerts upgraded to a culture of temple fair, the collection art performance, sports competition, food festival and the market four elements, interactive entertainment for visitors to provide high quality, to create a lively, warm cultural carnival. The audience after the light festival visual, sensual pleasure, enjoy the carnival area, this also is cultural, tourism and industry integration project.
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