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Grasp the winter will come, how to prepare for the fireplace heating

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
When winter comes, to start preparing your fireplace, meet the cold season. You can use the fireplace to reduce some of the natural gas cost - This can help you to reduce the energy cost of this winter. Before lighting the fireplace in the flame, should ensure that its clean and safe. 1. Clean and check the fireplace, clean furnace. If you don't have to empty last season of ash and charred logs, so must do it now. In a few newspapers on the floor. Will start the rest of the ashes to shovel into the barrel. Can spray some water first, to avoid the dust float in the sky. Check the problem. After cleaning the fireplace, you can check whether there is internal combustion chamber. You may need to use soap and water mixture to remove ash besmirch, so you can see cracks. Best, if you find a stove or furnace need maintenance, consulting professionals to inspect. 2. Check the pipe and damper, to understand the use of parts. Smoke through the chimneys, the damper can be adjusted, to control the size of the flame temperature and air flow. Ensure normal opening and closing damper, it can move smoothly. Some jams, if the dampers, please clean up in time. As far as possible open to the greatest extent, and use hard brush. Someone may be very dark inside it is difficult to see, so it's best to use a flashlight, and put a mirror at the bottom of the furnace, so easy to clean. 3. Check the chimney, cleaning the chimney every year. If you often use the fireplace, it is recommended that you clean at least once a year before the start of winter. Cleaning the chimney should be handed over to professionals, because must use the right tools. In the chimney removal of ash and debris may cause fire.
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