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Good modern art lights should be a safe and reliable performance

by:Longjian     2020-08-23
The droplight that consumers do not choose too cheap. At present, the droplight of around 200 yuan to have certain quality assurance, 100 yuan of the following droplight is generally poor quality. Chandeliers generally suitable for double entry house, concise type low voltage lanterns are suitable for housing in general. Grade of your crystal chandeliers, but the real crystal droplight, rarely crystal droplight mainly sells places such as guangzhou, shenzhen, sales in the north is very small, which is associated with the quality of the air, because the dust on the crystal droplight is not easy to clean. Good consumers choose the droplight with switch, so that if the lamp of droplight, local lighting. Modern art lamp background hills and green represent the ecological harmony, a beautiful environment, and the giant panda, baiji, crested ibis constitute a charactizing a fine spring day, exotics, natural and harmonious beautiful picture scroll. Theme of the other side of the lamp, and unique charm of the terrace, tulou, the diaojiao building, such as traditional Chinese architecture, the mountain of the fruits of the harvest scene; The shepherd boy playing with a tablet, enjoying the modern life. Modern art lamp use time longer with less than three years but not more than, for example, this is going to use the light source of higher level product. My company's patented product - led two-way light-emitting strips light is the ideal light source products, the characteristics of this product is used in parallel power supply and all waterproof sealing structure, protection grade reaches IP65, light for the patch light high luminous intensity, color is rich, have quality guarantee, its service life for more than 3 years, can add external controller, control its brightness, resulting in a dreamy colors. Good modern art lamp should be safe and reliable, stable performance, light and comfortable, the price is reasonable. 'According to one enterprise personage. From the perspective of shopping, the requirement for modern art lamp is also very easy to understand, 'a good modern art lamp, should from the security, reliability, comfort, appearance, energy saving and comprehensive to consider the price several aspects, this is all the problems of ordinary consumers should focus on. Led is a kind of compound semiconductor components, when a small current through to plus or minus diodes PN interface, can be light - — Light, as it passed the consequent current calm in reverse. With incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp, led light belongs to cold light, high brightness, small volume, save electricity, such as strength, use full of tens of thousands of hours to 100000 hours. Led light-emitting principle is different from incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Incandescent lamp is necessary to work under high temperature above 3000 degrees, fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to use high voltage excited electron beam, and only 2 to 4 volts to leds, can work at room temperature - — Is also because of its stable polarity, life spans more than 10000 hours.
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