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Good art lights should be a safe and reliable, stable performance

by:Longjian     2020-09-13
Used in urban road, garden square, hall building nightscape lighting. It is geely civilization lamp act the role ofing, festival celebration beautify decorate effect. Art lamp brand product layout of innovation, constantly explore carnegie-give in another man's long, continuous launched with a variety of art and the material layout combined light tunnel. Art lamp brand has a rich color thick, halcyon, energy saving, power etc, important material is iron or stainless steel all sorts of modelling to beautiful dress up as a decorative art as a result, the artistic lamp act the role of brand is the supplementary way of lighting. Modelling of individual lighting such as street dancer, and the day as the real appreciation; The coming night, rich and thick and colorful high brightness light source for the night added a few minutes quiet and luxuriant. The point light it is my company's new patent product, the modelling of light weight, small wind resistance, situation, big, color is rich, thick, it embraces dc low voltage power supply method, with energy saving, quiet, long life, free maintenance and other advantages. The art of lights on the market brand has various species and various types of light source is adopted. Service life are also different, some only a few days, some in a few months, some in a few years. So according to the use of the length of time to choose the appropriate products. Art lamp brands use time longer with less than three years but not more than, for example, this is going to use the light source of higher level product. My company's patented product - led two-way light-emitting strips light is the ideal light source products, the characteristics of this product is used in parallel power supply and all waterproof sealing structure, protection grade reaches IP65, light for the patch light high luminous intensity, color is rich, have quality guarantee, its service life for more than 3 years, can add external controller, control its brightness, resulting in a dreamy colors. Good art lights should be a safe and reliable, stable performance, light and comfortable, the price is reasonable. 'According to one enterprise personage. From the perspective of shopping, the requirement for art lamp is also very easy to understand, 'a good art lamp, should from the security, reliability, comfort, appearance, energy saving and comprehensive to consider the price several aspects, this is all the problems of ordinary consumers should focus on. Led is a kind of compound semiconductor components, when a small current through to plus or minus diodes PN interface, can be light - — Light, as it passed the consequent current calm in reverse. With incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp, led light belongs to cold light, high brightness, small volume, save electricity, such as strength, use full of tens of thousands of hours to 100000 hours. Led light-emitting principle is different from incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Incandescent lamp is necessary to work under high temperature above 3000 degrees, fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to use high voltage excited electron beam, and only 2 to 4 volts to leds, can work at room temperature - — Is also because of its stable polarity, life spans more than 10000 hours.
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