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Global LED lighting application market analysis

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Acute global countries respond to climate change, energy prices, countries have to find new clean energy alternatives, to reduce the pollution of the traditional high energy usage. On the other hand, from a variety of energy-saving measures, such as the policy of phasing out low luminous efficiency of incandescent bulbs, it also makes high luminous efficiency of LED lighting applications gradually accepted by the market. 'phasing out low luminous efficiency of incandescent bulbs in recent years has become the national important energy conservation policies and measures, and at present the market mainstream lighting light source, the product technology mature, the price is affordable and luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamp replace the light source of choice. Aesthetic is a fluorescent lamp contains poisonous mercury, technical progress and space is limited. Expected future price booming LED lighting will permeate all traditional lighting light source on the market, estimate the market development of various types of lighting light source technology is shown in figure 1. Integral illume worth about $101 billion, 2012 of which fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp/other class ( Halogen lamp, HID lamp, the complex metal lamp, etc. ) For the mainstream lighting light source, LED lighting output value is about $7. 2 billion, permeability of 7%, as shown in table 1. Main lighting area markets the European and American countries, from the high wattage toward low wattage incandescent light bulbs, phased out policy, dosage of replacing to the livelihood of the people since 2014, the largest 40 ~ 60 w incandescent lamp, will also boost demand for a wave of LED bulbs. Forecast in 2015 LED lighting in luminous efficiency, light quality and price competitiveness are ascending to a certain level or above, including LED luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns has opened the gap with the traditional lighting source, supplemented by governments to accelerate incandescent bulbs light source such as low luminous efficiency, mainstream market for fluorescent lamps will significantly eroded, LED lighting permeability is expected to further push up to 22%. And OLED with belong to the category of solid-state lighting lighting products, because the same encounter LED currently facing the problem of high price, just started the OLED lighting with high surface light source and surface design flexibility design advantages, the share of 3% in 2015. Long term forecast in 2020 LED lighting every win more than 50% of the lighting market, will be able to become the mainstream of the global lighting market source, at this point it has advantage of surface light of OLED products, market share will increase to 10%. And in the global market share LED lighting area, as shown in table 2. LED lighting market in recent years, mainly in the region of Japan, the United States, the European countries mature, but the future regional emerging market countries will quickly shot with the economic take-off, it is also a global giant LED all early high growth in emerging countries lighting market layout, LED light source in its traditional light source through. If further global LED lighting application place market value segment, as shown in figure 2. 2012 36% for residential lighting LED lighting application places in the champions league, but also the most intense competition in the market to replace type LED ball lamp, PAR lamp products. Second, 30% of the architectural landscape lighting. Ranked the first three business facilities to store lighting, generally before the benefit of the project is general to better both places. And the government control of the highest outdoor lighting (12%), mainly LED street light and tunnel light, many properties for the policy standard. Acute epilogue countries worldwide in recent years, climate change, energy prices, for the importance of new energy, energy-saving measures also is increasing day by day. LED lighting products in the luminous efficiency and light quality improvement, cost reduction and so on various efforts, gradually become the general consumers to purchase products, LED lighting market penetration is hugely increased. LED lighting market development key, emerging markets along with the economic takeoff, have higher growth momentum, and local LED light source technology is generally poor, this is also with high cost performance, customization capabilities, the said Taiwan manufacturers need to intensify the layout. Part of application places, schools of thought contend LED ball bubble lamp, PAR lamp and other consumer products, profit is generally poor, by contrast, more than commercial lighting project properties, high quality requirements, product is relatively easy for differential area is lain between, is where the owners need to be effort.
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