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Geneva, Switzerland, even an affordable housing can have design feeling so [ Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Geneva, Switzerland, even an affordable housing can have design feeling so [ Contemporary and contracted droplight] SCHG,Société Coopérative d' Habitation Geneve, that is, housing cooperatives in Geneva. It is a non-profit organization, founded in 1919, it is with a local government, architects, tenants and investors in the form of multi-party cooperation, the construction of affordable housing. Now, are called by the name of SCHG, manages nearly 80 building 2000 homes. New housing overall housing cooperatives in Switzerland is on the decline, but in a big city, still booming, it is also associated with the trend of population to urban migration. In 2008 alone, Zurich has built 1000 low-income housing. These houses are designed by housing cooperatives and outstanding architect cooperation, most of the housing construction quality is quite high. Such as SCHG is the latest in affordable housing is an example. The house is SCHG Nomos and cooperation, which is an organization based in Geneva, architecture design, residential and commercial projects, they do have cooperation office in Lisbon and Madrid. The whole building is located in Geneva Mervelet community, it has 63 apartments. Mervelet area on the basis of the garden city planning concepts, around it, there are many one hundred - year - old architectural ornament in the shade. Different from common residential building, the appearance of the building level is very rich. In its north side outside the three sides, the facade is a cross-sectional fluctuations of balcony space. Terrace of the stainless steel rail tilt slightly, like the waves of ups and downs, as the sun and the change of perspective, also presents the ever-changing light and shadow. In the indoor public area and inornate concrete material collocation is also very give prize. Concrete floor, walls of black metal railings, created a rugged beauty. In addition, in order to let a space appear less 'cold', is made of oak armrest and door to bring the warmth of home. Interior space design is very fully, at the side of the sitting room, a large area of be born glass blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor, let a sitting room, balcony and outdoor environment full of green meaning be in harmony for an organic whole. In Switzerland, still have a lot of institutions like SCHG provide affordable housing. Serious housing shortage problems of Switzerland, became the housing cooperatives of soil formation and development. The affordable housing market demand, which has given rise to a lot of housing cooperatives. Was founded in 1919, the Swiss housing cooperatives union SVW/ASH, in June 2008, more than 1000 members of cooperatives, operates 14000 properties. And mature regulations promulgated, affordable housing and housing cooperatives union like SVW/ASH, high quality in the construction of affordable housing in Switzerland, has played a huge role in promoting. Source: curiosity daily
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