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Gas fireplace which brand is good, so choose a certain right

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
The gas fireplace brand on the market so much, for consumers, chosen the brand, is to choose the safety, quality, service, but in each brand manufacturers recommend their products can always tongue can is lotus, eloquent, how to distinguish between them and sales skills, choose a really good product? It is a question of each consumer is concerned about. Next, this article will introduce several main points of the need to pay attention to when gas fireplace of choose and buy, to help you pick out of products and brands. 1, power match the power to choose according to the construction area of gas fireplace, is too large, a waste of money and energy, is too small, can not meet the heating requirements. In general, the power of the fireplace and a building area of the relationship between the following: ( 1) Within a building area of 120 square meters should choose the rated power output of 18 kw fireplace; ( 2) Construction area in 120 - 150 square meters of housing choose 24 kw output rating fireplace; ( 3) Construction area in 150 - 200 square meters of housing with rated output power of 30 kw fireplace. The output power of wall-mounted gas furnace, of course, also according to the area, indoor design temperature, the heat preservation of wall window and user requirements and other comprehensive consideration. 2, security protection safety issues have been affecting families, wall hanging furnace gas as a household products safety is also very important. Good in cb on safety are pass, all kinds of safety protection function is more perfect. Such as leakage protection, electronic ignition induction heating system antifreeze protection, flame-out protection, water temperature sensor failure protection and etc. 3, product inspection for hanging furnace is gas products, so must be strictly inspection, the manufacturer must have related quality assurance and product must be through the test of the national related department. Each other must field burning fireplace, one hundred percent qualified before leaving the factory inspection, sampling inspection is absolutely not allowed, because ninety-nine percent of the qualified rate of products, means that one percent of users may be the victims of the unqualified products. 4, after-sales service gas fireplace is long-term use of household products, choosing the fireplace, must choose qualification is complete, the perfect brand enterprise, so as to obtain long-term, timely and reliable after-sales service. Anyhow, gas fireplace when the choose and buy, must from the power match, safety performance, after-sales service, product inspection and other aspects, all aspects are excellent product is assured, and formal. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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