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Fully open apartment design contracted thering is no lack of delicate design [ Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Fully open apartment design contracted thering is no lack of delicate design [ Contemporary and contracted droplight] 电磁阀戈登8。 2 Apartment the Apartment is a seat in tel aviv, designed in 2016, in order to create the clear sense on the vision, the original wall was torn down, each function has also been change again. Herringbone collage of woodiness floor throughout the living area, let customer of the restaurant is connected more popular, large areas of glass Windows let indoor have sufficient light, contemporary and contracted floor lamp, blackish green color of suede sofa under the light shading, appear very elegant, full of design feeling of the tea table of wooden and metal mesh reflect contemporary and concise. Partition after the demolition of public and private space with wooden partition, agile black line and putting in place the decoration, let the contracted thering is no lack of delicate sense of design. Original partition of the balcony was demolished, designers deliberately kept the two columns, and concrete to whitewash, tie-in self-leveling floor, rugged and hale male charm, set up in the balcony the steps below a light band, the processing of detail place for compact space is also very brilliant. To extend the TV ark of the sitting room to the corner of the kitchen, increase the continuity of the two functional areas, at the same time increase the storage space also can put more stuff, bring clean crisp visual effect. White table is put in the place of the original island bar, modelling feeling extremely stool and adornment ornament, let dining-room is concise and fashionable. The design of the bedroom for overall contracted style, pure white base and wooden floor, warmth and comfortable sleep environment, custom on the balcony of a single chair, desk and line and agile became the owner of the office area, it is interesting to note that the designer will be after the balcony and sitting room balcony get through of the bedroom, through the glass door segmentation, bring more fully with the coherent vision effect. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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