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by:Longjian     2020-03-04
is the latest bright concept in the design, with a brand new style.
No matter what kind of lighting solution you need to improve your indoor or outdoor life, choose a stylish light fixture and you can illuminate any room with a little charm.
Wrought iron desk lamp and Longjian floor lamp are one of the most popular lighting equipment.
Halogen lamp torchiere floor lamp, with stand-alone light on the top of open shallow bowl, has become more and more popular since its launch in the US in 1983.
These lamps use halogen tube bulbs, which are much hotter than standard bulbs.
Since the top is open, it is easy to ignite flammable items such as curtains through direct contact with halogen lamps.
Most ordinary torchiere floor lamps use halogen lamps that burn at temperatures of over 1,200 degrees, enough to fry eggs in 30 seconds!
This is much higher than the burning temperature of paper, wood and fabric, from 350-500 degrees F.
The Consumer Product Safety Board has killed at least a month and injured 114 people, with at least 350 lights damaged by property caused by a fire of $2 million.
However, the Energy Star marked with the torchiere Longjian floor lamp uses a compact fluorescent bulb that burns more coolers for 5 times longer and consumes 80% less energy.
For example, an Energy Star torchiere uses 56-
Watt fluorescent bulb, providing the same amount of light as 300-
Watt halogen lamp.
Energy Star torchieres has a full range or 3 dimming modes with multiple styles and twoyear warranty.
For fun and funky, use a yellow paint bulb covered on silicone.
It\'s a very expensive light bulb, but it\'s definitely the beginning of a conversation.
If you like the gorgeous colors of colored glass tones, please check the style of colored glass lamps.
From color glass, modern desk lamp, desk lamp, traditional lamp, Mica lamp, land amplifier.
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