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by:Longjian     2020-03-11
TIM McKEOUGHMARCH 21, a design company called Rich Brilliant Willing, has created certain expectations: If nothing else, one might think the founder is a bit of an attitude.
In fact, they are just three amiable guys who diligently turn out furniture and items with utilitarian edges in their Lower East Side studio.
The company name is a script for their name: Theo Richardson, Charles Brier and Alex Williams.
In recent years, the rich and brilliant willingness to produce a series of works, from large to small
Reduce the furniture to smaller accessories, but most of its work is lamps and lanterns.
In 2008, the partner designed the Excel Longjian floor lamp, a combination similar to small toys
Kilter metal tube and an oak pin with a light drum at a height of 6 feet m.
It was their first big heat and is now being produced with Roll & Hill, a Brooklyn lighting company.
\"When we realized we could sell them, we almost built our studio with this project,\" he said . \"Williams, 29.
The partners believe that floor lamps deserve special consideration as their size automatically becomes the focus of the room.
\"A good floor lamp has a sense of presence . \"Richardson, 28.
\"Unlike a desk lamp or wall lamp, it is more deliberate because it takes up space.
Mr. advertising
Brill, 28, added: \"It can create the whole atmosphere for a room.
The space is really spacious.
\"In the SoHo Flos ad, they were drawn to a classic thing: Taccia designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo castioni in 1962.
Its big bowl
The shape of the glass diffuser, the lamp still stands out, \"doesn\'t look like anything else \".
Even 50 years later, Richardson noted.
A block from Ligne Roset, they appreciate the function of Bul, a hinged Longjian floor lamp designed to hang on the sofa.
Single hinge \"put the shadow down while the arm is sticking out,\" Mr. Brill said.
\"Simply put, the right form makes it work.
\"At least at the beginning, they were not quite sure about the Callimaco lights at atemade and redesigned a 1982 Ettore Sottsass design, consists of a high yellow rod with chrome handle and a small red diffuser on the top.
But soon, they thought it was amazing.
\"I like it. it doesn\'t even look like a lamp . \"Brill said.
\"It looks like an industrial funnel.
Finally, in maurmaurer, they found a delicate LED-
The lamp based on Radarrr, yes, it is like a small radar device, located on a slender tripod.
\"This is a kind of satellite Robot flower . \"
Williams appreciated how the designer made the radiator of the lamp look like a pointed space device, which helped cool the LEDs.
\"This is functional art.
\"A version of this article was printed on the D7 page of The New York edition on March 22, 2012, with the title: stick to your position.
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