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Floor lamp act the role ofing _ _ zhongshan zhongshan lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-20
Floor lamp how should choose? Give you a different house floor lamp can be seen everywhere, a lot of people in the home, because of its easy to use, cheap but popular consumer favorite, but you know how to choose floor lamp? Then please follow in the footsteps of the lamp together to get to know the floor lamp to buy what are the main points. Floor lamp is usually divided into photogenic type floor lamp and floor lamp illuminated. Decorated in the sitting room and rest area, commonly used with sofa, tea table, in order to meet the local lighting and garnish with family room environment needs. Popular now some modern minimalism household design, fashionable unique shape and easy to use let the public more and more, the use of this kind of lamps and lanterns is quite common. The characteristics of the floor lamp floor lamp used for local lighting, emphasize the convenience of mobile, for corner atmosphere build very practical. Floor lamp lighting way is directly downward projection, suitable for need concentration of activities such as reading, if indirect lighting, can adjust the light of whole change. From the ground floor lamp shade below should be 1. More than 8 meters. Cover of floor lamp, concise and easy, adornment sex is strong. Cylinder cover is relatively popular, lights, lanterns also more use. Some people like to prepare the cover myself, like to use white film making and drawing into big chimney, is very interesting. Floor lamp of stents with metal, wood or use in the form of natural materials. Bracket and base or choose, be sure to match with lampshade, there can be 'small big cap' or 'thin tall man wearing a cap' sense of proportion. Floor lamp illuminates one, what are the main points of purchase type floor lamp pay attention to the height, while buying the photogenic type floor lamp, want to consider factors such as the height of the smallpox, to 1. 70 m - 1. 80 meters high floor lamp, for example, the ceiling height in 2. More than 40 m effect is better, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only focused on the local area, will make the person feels soft light too bright enough. At the same time, the use of photogenic type floor lamp, ceiling in the home is better for white or light color, the material of the ceiling is better have a reflective effect. 2, direct according to floor lamp pay attention to the photometric straight floor lamp illuminated when the choose and buy should pay attention to, under the shade along the low compare like eyes, so as not to make eye discomfort with the illuminate of light bulbs. In addition, too much contrast can increase indoor light eyes load, can try to choose floor lamp dimming. When used as direct as light line, better avoid reading position near the mirror and glass products, lest cause discomfort reflective. 3, modelling type floor lamp if the choose and buy must pay attention to the style 'modelling type floor lamp, the lamp can not used for lighting, it is more in household environment in a' vulture 'light. Of course this kind of floor lamp of choose and buy, want to consider its consistency and household whole style. For example a thick blood stone, establish noble classical lamp and the yuppie style streamlined modern furniture is opposite.
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