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Fireplace to buy three days of glass cracks in jinan holy ROM manco quality assurance into decoration now

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Sales staff Ms. Xia: Mr Yang to pick up home after she had make a phone call to ask if there is a fireplace, there was no objection to the other party and that the product is not the problem at that time, after cracking is likely to be caused in the process of using collision. Glass crack is not caused by the combustion process, responsibility is not good, so the warranty. Glass cost price is 1000 yuan price 2000 yuan, let Mr Yang out 500 yuan to repair. Yang: don't buy businesses. ROM manco: unless Mr Yang to do identification authentication institutions, to detect the quality problem will be free maintenance. 18, to kai yuan jinan holy Roman villa 27 floor industry &trade co. , LTD. Buy the fireplace to SAN luo manco 21 installed to try to pick up the goods warehouse, found at the upper left of the fireplace in the glass cracked call our sales staff Ms. Xia summer lady pictures she was told to glass crack repair at his own expense.
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