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Fireplace in the style of the Renaissance style

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
1 5th century Florence, Italy's cathedral built marks the beginning of the Renaissance buildings. The most obvious feature is the annulment of the Renaissance architecture of the gothic style in the middle ages. And in religious and secular building to the ancient Greek and Roman period of pillar type composition elements. The Renaissance in Britain in Tudor dynasty and James I period, this period is recognized as a turning point in the British residential style pattern. Compared with medieval residential buildings during this period has significant improvement on comfortable and beautiful. In the middle ages in the residence, the central hearth heating facilities, is the only to house by the end of the Tudor dynasty central hearth has been widely replaced by the fireplace. Early British fireplace from Tudor dynasty evolved from central hearth. The fireplace is still retained the chimney structure contact inherent characteristics. Early Tudor times fireplace is fairly simple, without any decoration, is just a rely on outside wall or a simple device, an interior wall in the middle of the room are usually made of brick or stone bricks. Stone fireplaces although high-temperature hot doesn't last. The fireplace opening general structure of wood, brick, stone, also it has a Tudor arch, arch on the architrave decoration. On the back of furnace with a railway back protection. During this time the fireplace accessories, all of blue fire, wood frame with cast iron casting, pay attention to some of the wine rack is put on the added, so also can have effect on the heating of wine. To the middle of the 16th century, with the accumulation of wealth and classical knowledge spread, design trend from the relatively simple become increasingly complicated, in the form of style. Classic quality embodies in the fireplace is decorated more and more detailed, the details of the Renaissance began to appear, fireplace spandrel have shields, pairs of shrubs or vines, such as sculpture, wall with classical pillar type. Wood, stone with marquetry panels in the adornment of the fireplace, metope, the use of gilded frame. As well as the practical decorative pattern to strengthen the this style.
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