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Fireplace in how to choose? The fireplace tell you

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace design model so much, how to choose the suitable? Can from the aspects of thermal efficiency, style, price, specific as follows: 1, the thermal power when buying a fireplace, should know how many thermal power for your room. Power is too young to make a room warm, excessive heating power too much. In general, when outdoor temperature is 1 ℃, to make the room temperature of 21 ℃, every 14 cubic meters of space required for thermal power is 1 kw. 2 a lot of style, style fireplace appearance, according to the installation points and have embedded fireplace, fireplace stand. Among them, the stand of fireplace simple installation, can provide radiant heat and the fan can be used to assist the spread of the convective heat. Embedded fireplace is to install the fireplace in the wall, as a heat source, the heating effect is very good. Divide according to the style, British, American, French, etc. , according to the material, there are solid wood, stone carving, metal, each style, each is have their own characteristics and advantages, you can choose according to their own aesthetic and preferences. 3, prices in general, domestic fireplace price is in 10000 yuan - generally 20000 yuan between, import the fireplace - about 50000 yuan 200000 yuan, define the main factors of import fireplace price is design feeling, specific want domestic or imported fireplace, can choose according to their own actual situation. Is above the fireplace choose need to be aware of some, the hope can help you! More details welcome consulting fireplace!
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