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Fireplace how to maintenance, in so doing, get twice the result with half the effort

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Although home with a fireplace, warm and comfortable, romantic and elegant, but it's the maintenance is very important also, below is our special finishing fireplace maintenance methods and techniques, a friend in need can be find out. 1. Glass surface clean burning fireplace, there will be a solid particles adhere to the oven door glass, glass black dirty, thus influence the degree of beautiful fireplace. A good fireplace with self-cleaning function, can put the glass surface are burning the brighter the flame. Through the secondary ventilation technology, makes the fireplace to clean the glass, manual cleaning, very convenient and environmental protection. But if you want to clean the glass surface at ordinary times, can use wet dishcloth newspapers or left in the wake of glued wood burning ashes to wipe, can easily remove stains. 2. Furnace clean if often use a fireplace, you can clean up once a week, ashes because ash accumulation is serious, will affect the use of the fireplace. To determine the ash has cooled when cleaning, avoid burning ash hot melt trash can cause potential safety hazard, such as or cause unnecessary losses. 3. Regularly check regularly check the fireplace, to check at least once each heating period. Annual inspection chamber, pipes and chimneys wood fireplace fire pomegranate oil accumulation conditions. Unless there's an emergency, do not use water to quench the fire, because the water quenching can make ash stick together, so it is difficult to remove. 4. Make maintenance fireplace surface can only clean and soft cloth with soft brush, cleaner must be used carefully, because some cleaning products will leave a mark on the surface of the fireplace. In addition, fireplace in the body can use high-quality high-temperature paint to paint or polishing. In this paper, by the fireplace arrange release!
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