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Fireplace heating effect how, ok

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace and, gas fireplace, belong to the fireplace, just different fuels, but will lambe, can keep warm, so warm effect how? Fireplace heating effect depends on the heat it produces, in general, will produce 2 burning fireplace. 5 - 3. 5 kw thermal efficiency, and the thermal efficiency of 1 kw to heating 20 square meters space, so the fireplace can probably 50 - heating Can the space of 70 square meters, the heating effect. In addition, the fireplace in the use of cost, use convenient, comfortable health, etc have certain advantages, specific as follows: 1, cost is low compared to the fireplace, air conditioning, the fireplace is low use cost. Wood for the fireplace consumption per hour in 4 to 5 jins, about 4 to 5 yuan, central air conditioning power in 10 to 15, big can reach 30 pieces, at least ten several degrees per hour, about 10 yuan of money, and intelligent fireplace, zero consumption per hour. 6 l, anhydrous ethanol on the market price is RMB 160/20 ~ 30 l, reduced to 3 per hour. 2 ~ 4. Eight yuan. 2, convenient to use the fireplace simple installation, do not need building installation duct, the flue, a large fireplace just two or three days to finish the whole installation process, can also be used as mobile. Easy to use, can via bluetooth, WIFI, remote, computer control, also can through the control panel, basic just button, remote control. 3, comfortable and healthy air conditioning for a long time will consume the indoor moisture, dry skin, serious still can flow nosebleed, and the produced water after burning fireplace, can supplement moisture air, make the room air is moist, beneficial to human body health. In this paper, by the fireplace arrange release!
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