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Fireplace from the dynasty of China

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
We have talked about the fireplace actually from China's first dynasty, but European and American society to perform more brilliant, fu in her elegant, warm and romantic qualities, it is a symbol of identity, status, honour, and power. This is why Europe and the United States every family in the fireplace. High latitudes in Europe and the United States this place, the temperature is low, have the fireplace can bring warm and full of romantic and noble temperament of heating equipment, locals first sought after and loved nature is received. Fireplace place in Europe and the United States can be directly reflected on Christmas day, Christmas, every household will hang stockings on the fireplace in Europe and America and to the present, in their view that means a good year is coming, life will be busy from now on. , of course, with the development of economy, the progress of the society, as well as the artistic grade rise, the fireplace is gradually into the Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and other countries, at the same time she also came to China with the fashion, taste and noble, especially now fireplace electric fireplace in this special collection of heating and decoration in the integration of special heating devices are from Shanghai, Beijing to spread across the country
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