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Fireplace compared with air conditioning, floor heating, its heating effect and make

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Fireplace in the real dynamic flame can bring nature into the bedroom, build a warm and comfortable, romantic and elegant atmosphere, is a kind of 'visible warm. Fireplace by convection and thermal radiation, heat evenly, the fresh air in the convection automatically adjust and improve the air quality in bedroom, natural and comfortable heating way. Fireplace besides have comfortable heating effect, also have good dehumidification function, especially suitable for Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta region in winter cold, damp climate environment, very beneficial to health. Fireplace in heating and air conditioning, floor heating complementarity. Local warming faster due to the high thermal efficiency, fireplace, can make up for the air conditioning and heating floor heating up slowly, need long time problem such as preheating, bacteria easy breeding, without in the airtight environment can keep the very good heating effect, is a very healthy way of heating. Burning wood or gas fireplace is usually used as the heat source, high heating efficiency, low operation cost, more than a third lower than the use of air conditioning heating, cost-effective.
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