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Fireplace chimney draft resolution

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
As is known to all, the fireplace and chimney flue is that once the installation is not easy to move and modify items, but in daily life, hard to avoid can appear to establish a new on the basis of the existing chimney stack, and to solve such problem, we must first understand the chimney works. And know the basic knowledge of this respect will help you to maximum advantage of the corresponding to the fireplace heating effect. The function of the chimney is obvious, it is the discharge waste gas safely into outdoor; Second, to provide enough suction to the fireplace, ensure has been burning fireplace. As for what is a draught? Also not like before you read the online article, had heard those professional opinions to describe the mysterious, in fact take power comes into being with the hot air, its rising trend has created a draught, when lit fireplace, will continue to produce the heat flow in the chamber of a stove or furnace, and because of the cause of the hot air is lighter, until will always rise to the chimney emitted, the process, the chimney will together and warm, because of the hot air draught will be kept, it is worth noting that the hearth with smoke tube must be in heating condition, again and again with no heat, no draught this spell to alert himself, for forgetfulness of friends is also very necessary, at the same time, the size of the chimney height will affect the draught, the higher the height, take power is stronger, and chimney installation must be higher than the top of the roof at least one meter. After many experiments, I also discovered another very interesting phenomenon, when indoors most of the chimney smoke tube set, because temperature constant warm, so take power will be greater, and if at the same time, the outside air temperature is lower, in this case, the draft will be better, fireplace burning effect will be better, this is more common pressure phenomenon in physics. Study of draught is more than that, the sealing is extremely strong, 0 indoor air flow, no air into the furnace, draught will be affected, the effect to sell at a discount greatly, and from the outside to the furnace through the can solve this problem very well. Housing near trees and tall buildings can inhibit the generation of air flow, is get in the way of draught, such as wind speed, pressure, chimney, crack, oven door seal problem even dirty produces is not suitable for draught. After understanding the draught that exist in the fireplace, we can work according to the theory to guide practice, for the construction of a new fireplace chimneys, normal, chimney has two choices: brick chimney with metal. And in terms of use and control of draught, not big difference between, all is the use of high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant materials. Compared to old brick fireplace used brick chimney, modern metal fireplace chimneys in the easy installation, high flexibility, can be set up elbow to the generation of draught previously impossible to create conditions. If conditional word, most of the chimneys placed in the interior space to get bigger and better draught ( See above detailed reason) , from the accumulation of less of creosote, prolong service life. Speaking of which, I think by the way a creosote, this kind of material is wood tar and other organic matter from the burning of the cooling result, is the culprit chimney fires, hopeless, no matter use what means and methods, you can't avoid the generation of creosote, so lazy for human nature, when we install the chimney, facilitate clean way of structure should be used. In the case of using metal chimney, part can be horizontal or vertical, avoid elbow part level, of course, also cannot too long, otherwise it will lead to a difficult draught, creosote and easy formation and the formation of soot. It is not hard to understand, we will be the total length of pipe is set to S, air flow through A pipe for A time, at the rate of M, then be clear at A glance, S = M * A, there is presents the proportional relation between the two sides of the equal sign, in the case of constant speed, the longer the total retention time is longer, also is easier to form deposits. Link, the seal is also important, elbow must be sealed during assembly, the end of a narrow points down, it can prevent form in their internal creosote leak directly to the outdoor, impact on the environment.
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