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Fire over 3000 fireplaces, will back to China classical aesthetics, have such a history

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Modern fireplace is one of the most important adornment element - Also known as architectural details, at the heart of the beautiful decorations, for many, the fireplace made of delicate materials, and production process through very carefully. Fireplace is the symbol of family, they are almost like a temple or a god. Practical and aesthetic once upon a time, the fireplace is a kind of strong practicability of heating device, is a fully functional equipment, used for cooking in the long, cold winter, heating, and even drying clothes. In order to complete the daily work, in the past the fireplace is usually set to huge cave pit, surrounded by mantel. For many years, the chamber of a stove or furnace becomes. Fire box becomes more and more narrow. The fireplace itself from the middle of the room ( Has been reserved for centuries) Moved to the outer wall ( A feature of modern fireplace) 。 In addition to these minor adjustment, the function of it for thousands of years. Compared with the practical, aesthetic meaning is not big. As long as you can to keep the family warm and satiety, fireplace can achieve its purpose and function of the birth of. This kind of situation in the 18th century changed with the appearance of the cast iron, cast iron stoves to replace the position of fireplace for cooking and heating equipment, make its outdated, at least has become the indispensable household electrical appliances. Fireplace, however, to try to retain its status in family life, we can, in other words, the assimilation and inclusive cast iron fireplace, so far, cast iron and steel making furnace became the fireplace two main manufacturing materials. In the 1870 s and 1880 s emerged with the simple design of stone fireplace. In the 1890 s, stone fireplace has become a symbol of wealth, and to a large extent affected the design pattern of today. At the turn of the century when change from human attachment to open fire, or a fireplace in the pure beauty, fireplace is never lost. To the middle of the 20th century, most of the houses are cancelled heavy cast iron stoves, by using central heating and air conditioning units. However, incredibly, the fireplace is in just a few years later to return to the house again C a place. Fireplace excellence's biggest challenge may come from an unlikely source: the TV. Because in the 20th and 21st century since the turn of the century this period of time, television has become the symbolic represent most people's family, and this is precisely the fireplace also unique properties. Despite the competition, fireplace, or have their own position. Because now we find both designers and architects are trying to design the two position elements at the same time, so that the fireplace again home center, also is the essence or center this vital position. Fireplace doesn't fade with history, but become more prominent, the utility of the won the old and famous. Evolutionary force fire endurance is the key to its ability to evolution. Homeowners are not stove, fireplace and other outdated appliances discarded, but rapidly transforming them into the architectural features. With the development of the style, the fireplace design also is such, often moving in tandem. Simple bricks instead of fine brick, but these bricks and replace the middle of the century, minimalism, and turned into a 3 d modern fireplace now. Over the years, fireplace technology has also made great progress. The single most important development is the invention of the chimney. Chimney smoke always make a vertical upward movement and from the eduction in house, this is a big improvement in levels of the ventilation systems, the level of ventilation systems tend to make more smoke into the room rather than to the discharging. The chimney is an important invention the fireplace. In addition to solve the problem of flue gas, they also make the fireplace ventilation is good. In addition, it also makes the fireplace out of certain areas placed restrictions, can be in building more room for installation. Today the fireplace now, modern fireplace is a blend of design aesthetics with the use of feedback effects. The fireplace again at the center of the living space occupied the traditional position. In other words, the architect and designer may be in a different direction, but they never stopped the fireplace into its beautiful design element label and brand. The time is passing, but the fireplace is still the center of the family and social life.
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