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Film of the unique apartment hard of give up the wind charm [modern industry Acrylic modern lamp]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Film of the unique apartment hard of give up the wind charm [modern industry Acrylic modern lamp] Great Jones is a LOFT home is located in New York, by the Union Studio reconstruction is completed, the original plant spacious, connect fully, and some of the old, rough elements is also survived by stylist. Homeowners have a special liking to LOFT unique rugged charm, from the Union of the Studio designer in transformation, deliberately retained the original elements, pattern as far as possible to maintain the original appearance, spacious and public areas that appear, even if the designers use a lot of film, also do not show depression, bare red brick, silky black wooden floor, black leather sofa, giant adornment picture, show unique stylish atmosphere. Against the background of red brick, the use of iron and wood element to customize the entire wall shelf, abundant books became the most eye-catching in the dark space ornament, elongated mensal modelling concise collocation of eat chair, a vase of flowers open is colourful, will originally very hale industrial soft also drawn a lot of wind. Open layout for each function is very flexible, the kitchen is located in a corner space, the bold use black with wooden elements collocation, let the cold and warm, light and heavy impact each other, the green plant on the wall at the same time, the island of books is put on the bar, good to reconcile the atmosphere of the original, do not break in concise industrial space energetic and fun. To open the door of the study is very restore ancient ways, the original factory's locker was also very good, and studio by Roman column, paint black reveal composed with wisdom. Retained the original bedroom metope large Windows, good daylighting doesn't let black also depressed, the design of the metope is very interesting, a retained the original red brick, straightforward and industrial charm of restoring ancient ways, on the other side by full of stereo feeling bricks for decoration, gorgeous and texture. Lounge rice white sofa and fluffy carpet, combined with contemporary and contracted floor lamp, very comfortable, and iron gate far is house advocate the wash in the bathroom. The design of the bathroom is very attentively, Mosaic metope adornment of impressive, on colour for the black and white ash three color collocation of whole space, and very simple sense more wood elements make it a little warm, gentle natural breath. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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