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Feel wonderful fireplace culture, experience the glamour of the custom

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Cold air force, busy day at home, a warm room is for all people. In the modern home outfit, fireplace, as cold in the winter of household adornment to be bestowed favor on newly, is not only a tool of heating, more visually build sweet atmosphere for household. Look from the history of the western, the prototype of the fireplace can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Early fireplace is fairly simple, without any decoration, rely on in the middle of the outer wall or a wall, brick, stone or bricks. With the development of the society and residential function has become increasingly complex, a dedicated fire heating fireplace is slowly beginning to become the core of interior decoration, more and more ornamental. Fireplace in the development of the whole evolution, is not only the production relations and life concept development and changes of shrinkage and characterization, at the same time also become resident time of container, carrying the precious social information. The fireplace relationship with love, warmth and friendship. When people view and admire the fireplace, can read to stay trace of history and culture on the fireplace. Fireplace often appeared in the European and American movies, whenever see crackling firewood burning in the hearth, it can not help but feel the sunshine warm and vibrant. In the cold, dark night, the flames and the reflecting pool his face, end up a cup of hot cocoa, accompanied by a favorite music, can help you remove exhaustion of a day. In front of the warm fire, let the wind outside the window, the house is still warm, the family sat together and fireside talk, feel happy. You can also enjoy a time of a person by the fireside. Spread a thick blanket in the knee, read a novel like, read or sleep in warm, very comfortable. The fireplace is a kind of culture, but also an art. No matter what style in the home, the fireplace can show master uncommon taste and romantic feelings. Fireplace is not just the patent of western families, it has unique elegant temperament, for any household space, can be called 'focus'. Professional stylist proposal, the style of the fireplace should pay attention to and indoor whole decorate a style to match. If indoor is rustic style, can choose red brick, the material such as freestone, tie-in do old wood, builds a simple casual leisure feeling; And modern the household decorates a style is often pay attention to fashionable avant-courier, owners can buy logs, dig a hole in the wall directly, set aside space to put some wood, already so warm, and do not break simple and easy; If the home is ou shi decorate a style, can use the most court temperament of marble and sandstone, the adornment material such as stone, really stone paint, create elegant temperament; In American decorate a style, however, suggest the owner choose wood frame with cast iron core of the fireplace, the framework can choose wood material of red wine, coffee, this is retained the traditional process in modelling, and dispense with multifarious adornment.
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