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Family is decorated in installation of lamps and lanterns design have confused dear friends look, there are benefits

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Installation of lamps and lanterns is like make the finishing point, so, choose a good, suitable for lamps and lanterns is very important. Room is different, the space characteristics are different, so need lighting is different, the following is stylist puts forward several Suggestions, hope to be of help! Living room: generally can choose bull droplight, modelling elegant, style and generous, solemn and bright. Bedroom: can be installed in the bottom of the bedside table lamps and lanterns, the best configuration if lighting switch, but it is intelligent remote control, adjustable light color, will be more convenient. In addition, the installation does not influence family sleep bedroom lamps and lanterns, must pay attention to the installation Angle, unfavorable exceed cupboard door. Study: the main light source, can choose droplight or absorb dome light, color temperature is best control within 2700 ~ 4500 k, the desk lamp proposal with around 3500 k color temperature, light source, it is advisable to 40 cm from the desktop, eyesight health is first. Kitchen: in addition to the top of the main light outside, still should increase local supplementary lighting, can be installed on the work station or hearth is up front, supplementary lighting environment, color temperature is 3500 ~ 4500 k, determine the food color authenticity. Toilet: can choose to install the ambient light and local lighting, build a different kind of toilet. Lens headlight can use background lighting, you'd better keep in 3000 ~ 4500 k color temperature is advisable. In order to meet the reading needs, can in the toilet is 15 and above Install lamps and lanterns of 30 cm. In addition, the dresser can be mounted to the bottom lamp lighting, convenient for a night. Next to recommend a desk lamp, floor lamp, contracted fashion, nowadays the new trend.
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