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Examine 丨 on October 9, zhongshan industrial design, guzhen lighting, LED lighting brand

by:Longjian     2020-10-08
Examine 丨 on October 9, zhongshan industrial design, guzhen lighting LED modern lamp with you time inspecting zhongshan industrial design | guzhen lighting on October 9, 2015, Friday) Inspection location 1 zhongshan xiaolan town industrial park 2 industrial design industry productivity promotion center 3 representative hardware enterprise 4 town LIDC international five star alliance of ancient scheduling innovation design center? Zhongshan city industrial park industrial design park covers an area of nearly 100 acres, is a typical three old renovation project. Here from the ragged old workshop thoroughly remould oneself become full of design feeling, the birthplace of modern ideas, and on November 26, 2012 officially opened. First phase of the industrial design park to play a leading role, focus on the creative design and cultural enterprises more than 40, attracts all kinds of advanced industrial design talent more than 120 people. Mainly introduced Shanghai jamy Yang studio, Spain, and three or four design studio and a large number of high-end design institutions, such as local upgrade in the design of institutions, changed the past zhongshan local industry design strength is weak. Park also has introduced the industrial design association, the Chinese modern design letter of zhongshan city xiaolan industrial design service center, service center, xiaolan chamber of commerce, clothing footwear industry federation, creative photography association salon and floating island, Ireland cafe and so on a series of support and supporting institutions stationed in, bring diversified services for logistics enterprise. 吗? Town LIDC international innovation design center in 2014, under the guidance of lighting lighting association, guangdong province guzhen LIDC established international innovation design center, design center is divided into two parts to the enterprise to provide innovative solutions, one is to recommend good overseas professional designers to domestic enterprises, improve the competitiveness of the brand. In addition, the design center will also can and achieve win-win situation of overseas resources and enterprise docking, as overseas buyers and relevant industry associations, etc. 吗? 'star alliance headquarters is located in guzhen town commercial center with a total construction area of 360000 square meters, as light as the core of the world's top lighting brands. 'Star alliance' were set up three pavilions, including international brand pavilion, LED brand pavilion pavilion and Chinese brands.
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