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Europe type lamps and lanterns collocation will be better?

by:Longjian     2020-09-18
Europe type lamps and lanterns collocation will be better? Speaking of Europe type lamps and lanterns, we immediately think of a mysterious nobility of Europe type palace noble life, chic and decoration in the European court of lamps and lanterns is one of the unforgettable people act the role ofing is tasted, so what is the distinguishing feature of Europe type lamps and lanterns? Lamp act the role ofing will carefully for you. European style bedroom should choose what lamp? 1, choose according to the bedroom style bedroom decorate the wind decided to you the choice of lamps and lanterns. Such as: the bedroom is pure and fresh, contracted wind, choosing crystalline light; The bedroom is the classical wind, select the European crystalline light. Coordinate with bedroom style lamps and lanterns. 2, according to the height of the bedroom choose lamps and lanterns chooses associated with bedroom style and height, the bedroom is high enough, can install crystal droplight, it looks comfortable; If the bedroom is not high, can choose to absorb dome light, in order to avoid space appear depressed, and even influence sleep quality. 3, according to the master bedroom age people of different ages choose different lamps and lanterns. For example: the old simple requirement, but need to pay attention to the brightness; Middle-aged according to be fond of, taste to decorate, simple color, have grade, conform to the bedroom style of lamps and lanterns. The young, personality, and the selection range is wide, special lamps and lanterns is popular; Children room lamps and lanterns, to cooperate with the child's character, can choose the lamps and lanterns of cartoon design, is not suitable for light, avoiding damage to eyes. Europe type style of lamps and lanterns collocation is 1. The household of classicism it is given priority to with elegant and rich color, most with white, aureate, yellow, dark red give priority to. And sometimes mixed with some small amount of white downy, the color will look bright, generous, make whole space looks give a person with an open, tolerant and stature of the atmosphere. 2. Rural style furniture and lighting, pay attention to in the performance of the natural, rural style English pastoral features a colorful cloth art furniture, is pure handmade, its most flowers in small broken flower, stripes, Scotland lines is given priority to, and British style furniture always is our eternal theme, for lamps and lanterns, our lamp, droplight, floor lamp, desk lamp, or cloth cover, to photograph collocation with it, this is the most important. French mainly depends on the characteristics of rural style furniture wash white processing, the processing of all on our lamps and lanterns, be about to choose some lampshade the white of large area, don't broken flower type. 3. Mediterranean style furniture and lighting, Mediterranean style most with grey wall, arches, blue tiles, or Windows and doors as the main, and cooperate on the Mosaic on the wall, can give a person a kind of dignified atmosphere, and bouncing feeling color, for it is acted the role of lamps and lanterns with Mediterranean style, color, first of all, be careful not to jump too, to give priority to with heavy color, and it most of the lamps and lanterns to height, height requirement for a slightly higher, as well a bit tall, and with it the glass material, can be a little bit tie-in color brighter glass on top, you can with it in the wall Mosaic collocation, such effect is better. As the growth of the age, many people's aesthetic temperament and interest can also quietly changing, used to enjoy the beauty of some simple, simple, may suddenly now chasing luxuriant, luxury beauty. There are all kinds of form beauty, reflect in household, reporter noticed an interesting phenomenon, middle-aged families tend to be the pursuit of magnificent, magnificent, the feeling of heavy and complicated, so the European classical style often unconsciously moved them. In today's market of lamps and lanterns, Europe type lamps and lanterns has been well has its unique charm.
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