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Electric fireplace in the safe? How safe to use it?

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Electric fireplace as long as the correct installation, standardized operation, regular maintenance, is very safe. Here we would like to introduce a electric fireplace safety guidelines, have a friend need collection up quickly! Electric fireplace installed note: 1, for indoor use only, do not use electric fireplace in outdoor or in its exposure to the bad weather ( For example, rain and snow) 。 2, electric fireplace shall not be used for bathroom, laundry room and other places may come into contact with water. 3, fireplace to install in the activity room at most. If indoor floors high, you can use the fan to heat slowly spread to the active area. 4, complete the final beside the fireplace installed well before installation electric socket and wire connection box. 5, if it is a duplex apartment, can be settled electric fireplace in the stairs turned to platforms, this is advantageous to the heat spread to the upper room or the lower room. 6, put the fireplace floor need to do heat treatment, different requirements of different products, to this may, in accordance with the manufacturer. 7, must choose normal brands of fireplace, installation also need professionals, so as to guarantee the use of safe and efficient. Safe use guide 1 electric fireplace, away from all the furniture is made of combustible materials ( Such as furniture, clothing, bedding, pillow and curtain) And electrical appliances. 2, fireplace when not in use, be sure to remember to unplug the plug. 3, do not under the condition of the plug or the power cord damage operating electric fireplace, if it is found that equipment failure or damage, do not use. 4, near the patients or children when using, be especially careful. 5, don't in electric fuel burning in the grate. 6, don't to change electric fireplace, secretly all in accordance with the manual operation. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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