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Electric fireplace heating effect

by:Longjian     2020-08-20
1, the heating cycle more flexible
central heating time mostly on November 15 - every year - On March 15, the following year, generally can't change. But electric fireplace, you can at any time to open the heating mode, the equivalent of any extension or lag heating cycle. Can be flexible according to their own requirements at any time to keep warm, obtain the superiority and extra health care.
2, heating time,
regulation of central heating heating basic fixed time every day, sometimes someone in the home, but the heating temperature is unqualified, some times no one in the home, but the temperature is very high. Electric fireplace to keep warm, can adjust the heating time at any time, any period of time, want to warm, warm.
3, heating temperature adjustable
central heating temperature is constant, basic can according to their own needs to change. Use electric fireplace, can adjust the room temperature accurately, meet the demand of family's personality.
4, was relieved from the water heater in cb
are usually double system: heating + hot water. After install wall hanging furnace can be used for heating in winter at any time to provide living hot water for bath, shower, wash the dishes; And can be used for water heater in other seasons, only provide living hot water.
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