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Electric fireplace create romantic marriage room

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Neoclassical style is taking shape in recent years, can fully reflect the owner's fashion taste, so the high-profile. Some elements are essential to enhance general adornment effect. Marriage room is decorated in, the less they collocation, fireplace build romantic atmosphere will be discounted. Take a look at below, a fireplace to decorate, what are the points need to pay attention! Space: in high enough room, fireplace can be emphasized that color variegated and neat rows of square brick surface, use adornment fireplace and elegant atmosphere. Pattern: the fireplace on a delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork and complex curve made a elegant temperament, played a prominent role in the overall style. Personality: the plain, hard stone, and timber, antlers, represented by the original ecological mutual echo, the fireplace is straightforward and costly perfectly together, manifests the homeowners wonderful extraordinary taste. Details: white vase's classic beauty, modelling coordinated echo marble fireplace smooth texture, best line is extremely simple. Marriage room the key is to build a kind of romantic and warm atmosphere, both of which is the most competitive feature and the function of electric fireplace, a few adornment small details can let you have a happy marriage room.
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