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E-commerce platform for the three advantages of LED lighting industry, LED modern lamp, modern lamps

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
In 2014, according to statistics, China's e-commerce transactions amounted to 13 trillion yuan, up 25% from a year earlier. Among them, about 2 commodity retail sales network. 8 trillion yuan, rose 49. 7%. We'll all round the lighting industry, whether brand higher-ups or emerging enterprises, to enter the lighting brand in the field of e-commerce is becoming more and more and there is no doubt that electric lighting industry dealer market potential and development speed is surprising. Beautiful about this, we can see, and actively to electric dealer market, us, has been working hard. Original style of contemporary and contracted by our company, all kinds of led lighting lamps and lanterns, droplight of contemporary and contracted sitting room, dining-room droplight has a unique design concept, is very suitable for the modern trend, and we believe that through our efforts, in the field of electronic commerce can also develop our own one day, in their own ascension and at the same time, also gives users a better service and more benefits. Compared with traditional channels, the electric company has three of the most obvious characteristics: 1. On the one hand, the traditional business processes electronic, digital, replace the physical flow, with electron flow can significantly reduce the manpower and material resources, for enterprises to reduce the cost; On the other hand, breakthrough the limitation of time and space, make trading activities can at any time, any place, thus greatly improving the efficiency. 2. Electronic market threshold low, making large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can also have the same information resources, improve the competition ability of the small and medium-sized enterprises. 3. Traditional sales mode may need through agents, distributors, and other links, and in the electronic commerce platform, manufacturers can directly face the consumers, reduce a lot of intermediate links and in the middle of the transaction cost, improves the profit space, flat management and implementation. About the future of electronic commerce, the lighting industry should be drainage well experience. Vanke Wang Shizeng said: eliminate you is not the Internet, but you don't accept the Internet, is that you don't combine the Internet as a tool to your industry. Eventually eliminate your or your peers, they accepted the Internet, combine the Internet to do your own thing, knocked out you. For this, we said tome very agree with you.
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