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Don't understand to ask! What is the BTU fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
BTUBTU is our measurement standard of the forced heat output, but what does this mean exactly? Btu ( BTU) Is a kind of thermal units, equal to one degree Fahrenheit at a pressure higher heat or cooling water required for a pound. It is essentially measuring equipment power a scientific value. Watts watts is to measure the electrical equipment in power or energy consumption rate of the method at runtime. Calculated by multiplying the voltage x ampere. How many square feet (5000 btu to heat One foot is about 30 cm) In the space? Besides the square feet, and other matters more to consider. To find out the space or the family of heat load, please consider to load calculation. This process will assess the size of the room, location, construction characteristics and the structure of the building design. You also need to consider a room or building insulation condition. May affect the heat output of the other reasons include high ceiling room, spacious open space and the stairs. Use electric fireplace for heating operation, then can use 10 to 15 watts per square foot of thumb to estimate the heat capacity. To convert wattage to BTU, please put wattage multiplied by three. 4. You can accurately calculate the you want to increase the space that how many degrees Fahrenheit to meet your requirements accurately. Electric fireplace power? On average, all standard electric fireplace device generate 4600 BTU per hour. Can be connected to 240 v hardwire built-in models can produce a maximum of 8900 btu. Infrared heater produces about 5200 btu per hour. Compared with the standard of electrical heater to produce about 5100 btu per hour or 1500 watts of heat, this makes the electric fireplace, more efficient, more beautiful. Fireplace BTU if you want to install the fireplace in his house, then know how many BTU ( Btu) Suitable for the room, it will be through access to efficient unit to save your spending as much as possible. If your house has a fireplace, even if you don't know the BTU rating, can also find out whether it is suitable for the room to install it. Calculate the appropriate BTU room first step with a tape measure the length of the room. Daily video second step measuring the width of the room. The third step measure the height of the ceiling. The fourth step multiply all three Numbers together. For example, if your room is ten feet wide, 12 feet wide and ten feet high, then the result will be 1200 cubic feet ( One foot is about 30 cm) 。 The maximum number of BTU per 50 cubic feet to 1000, the biggest BTU rating so you room is 24000. Calculation of existing fireplace BTU first step reading your monthly gas bill, in cubic feet per hour for natural gas usage. The second step in the total cubic feet of natural gas can be divided by running the number of hours a month calculate CFH. If necessary, please track the use of a month, you have the monthly total. The third step will result number multiplied by 1000, determined the BTU rating.
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