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Don't let the desk lamp of inferior hurt your eyes

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Desk lamp has a lot of brand, also there are many kinds of style, usually we will put the lamp used in our office or study in the evening. In order to profit, but there are a lot of manufacturer to produce the desk lamp of light is too poor, chronic damage to people's physical and mental health. Here, there are a lot of people reflect to me, they buy on the net of the desk lamp of some looks beautiful but not practical, use for a long time there is a feeling, it is the longer working under light, the more tired eyes, but also feel the lights flash, in fact this is the light is too poor, stroboscopic cause eye fatigue. For a man who often working at night to learn, a lamp that high quality desk lamp is very necessary. On the regulation of traditional desk lamp brightness in only a few files section, it is difficult to meet the requirement of eyeball production anytime and anywhere desk lamp can change according to the location of the sun, continue to adjust color moderate intensity of illumination, meet the demand of personalized lighting. Stroboscopic is an issue many lamp are difficult to get rid of, frequency ShanYan club over a long period of time to feel tired, for a long period of time but also will damage the eye. Production of desk lamp can provide more than 1000 lux strong lighting, combined with low frequency flash and dazzle light control, lamp lighting quality is very good. On the design of the usage scenario, the production of desk lamp can depending on the time, task, place, providing different intensity of illumination, balanced and stable. Whether students or office workers, need to continue to burn the midnight oil after returning home at night, then you can open the study work mode; Such as night boring reading lamps or rest, then can open the relaxation model, Taiwan will provide comfortable light illumination; If it is need accurate to illuminate a certain area, open the lamp of accurate model, desk lamp can to a certain place or a certain items provide a clear illumination. In addition, high intensity lighting lamp can also provide 20 minutes, for your needs. General desk lamp life, that is, in a few years, high quality but also of some 10 years, and desk lamp also has infrared sensing system, automatically when someone close to the light, when people leave the lights out automatically after 2 minutes, to be a night person is also very friendly.
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