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Does ethanol fireplace have warranty period?
Yes, it has. Zhongshan Longjian Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. wants you to be delighted with your purchase so we establish a set of warranty rules for our products. If, during the warranty period, your product needs service, please give us a call. We will arrange refund, maintenance, and other services specified in the contract signed by the parties. If you have any questions about your warranty coverage, or you think you need service, call our Customer Service. We're here to help you get the most from your ethanol fireplace .

Zhongshan Longjian Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has abundant wall fireplace technology with strong influence in Wall Mounted Electric fires industry. According to the material, Longjian Electric Fireplace's products are divided into several categories, and home lighting is one of them. Customers can trust the quality and safety of this product. The product can help emphasize what the home really is. The current market demand for this product is very large. The product allows a quick and simple installation.

We care about the community, the planet, and our future. We are committed to protecting our environment by executing strict production plans. We are putting every possible effort in reducing negative production impact on the earth.
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