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Do your own designer artful match color with good home 【 Contemporary and contracted LED droplight 】

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
We are in the room colour is tie-in, must be familiar with general colour psychology effect, also want to bring attention to colorific life effect. Such as too many red can let a person feel physical and mental distress, yellow can give a person high, false impression, green represents the vigor and vitality, and so on. Only color collocation is reasonable, can let your room and elegant. Sweet, and good for health. Today let small make up take you to see how to match the color, design a own sweet fossa! ! ! ! How to make the dark of the sitting room of the sitting room appears bright a lot of people because of not the window, the light is not very good. The sitting room with rainy day, it is a gloomy, create constant pressure to master psychology. Encounter this kind of situation, can use a few reasonable design to dash forward show stereo space, can let carry in relief sitting room on the back to appear shining. 1) Compensatory and artificial illuminant: the light can model the administrative levels move of afford for thought. Add a few auxiliary light source appropriately, especially contracted modern lamp, mirror on the ceiling and wall, can reflect more warm effect. 2) Unified colour fundamental key: the shade of the sitting room avoid is used a depressing tonal. Because accept dimensional limit, certain color can destroy the downy and sweet feeling of room whole. But white ju ACTS the role of the inferior smooth paint furniture; The floor of the shallow cream-colored ties, light brick; The metope that shallow blue moves, can break through the depressing feeling on color, rise to adjust radial action. 3) Increase mobile space: off-the-peg furniture hard to avoid can produce a few a spot as yet untouched inside the sitting room, destroy the integral feeling of color, to solve this contradiction is according to the specific circumstances of the sitting room, act according to actual circumstances makes furniture, as far as possible put apart more Spaces, relaxed sense maintains on the vision. How to choose a different color of the bedroom tonal give a person with different feelings. Painting the walls should choose different color emulsioni paint according to the needs and conditions. The majority of white: general with white painting the walls. Because white does not absorb sunlight, light intensity, make the room appears clean, spacious and bright, suitable for small or dark bedroom. Pale orange: more reflected light than absorption, give a person with a warm, happy, excited, and the feeling of warm, like winter use, if more lighter, and the four seasons. Red: excitant strong, should not be commonly used to paint the room. However, if the brush with extremely pale pink slurry wall, match again a few more modern style of contracted droplight, the room will be a warm atmosphere; In red inside wall emulsioni paint to decorate the wedding bridal chamber, more festive and lively. Light blue or light green, give a person with the feeling of relaxed, open the former, the latter has the effect of quiet quiet. When painting the walls, pay attention to the wall color and furniture, decoration, color and layout position of coordinated. In addition, indoor colour can not stick to one color, but the roof, wall, ground cloth color will gradually drop in turn, as the transition of natural environment: the light blue of the sky, the thick of the field, the land of brown spots, dark brown.
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